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Texas Seminar

I’ve had a lot of people e-mail me about the little seminar I’m doing with Chad Waterbury in Dallas this weekend. They wanted to get in on it even though we already met our 10 person limit. So I say, why not? Let’s pack the house!

Here’s the info again below. No limits on participants!

Date: Saturday, August 23rd

Location: Gold’s Gym in Carrollton, 4125 Old Denton Rd, phone: 972-939-2582

Time: 1PM to ?

Cost: The event is free but the gym will require $10 from non-members for a day pass.

Questions: Contact me at cs@t-mag.com

Map to gym available here.

Look forward to seeing you there Chris!

Less than 5 days away… can’t wait!


3 days…

Polish your boots.

Chris, I’m curious at this point as to how many people you think will be attending.

No idea. Since most people charge for seminars, they know how many will show up based on pre-paid fees. This one is free so I really don’t know. Could be 10. Could be 50!

Take plenty of pics for us! Wish I could be there. Waterbury is da bomb.

We’ll take plenty of photos, no worries. Also, we’ll probably be getting three articles out of this: 1) A seminar report, sort of like what TC did in his “Tuesdays with Davies” article. 2) An interview with Chad and 3) an article from Chad himself - if he survives Saturday night at the Stockyards!

I’m leaving for Dallas now. See you guys Saturday.


I’d like to thank Chris, Chad, and t-mag for setting this up for us. It was fantastic!

BTW, C-Dubya is a big som’ bitch.

Wanted to say a big Thank You to Chris and Chad for this weekend. GREAT experience at the seminar. Left with some Tribex and a t-shirt, and a bunch of great information. Chad was an awesome guy, and very direct in his answers. He’s done a lot of work and research to come to the conclusions that he has, and to just walk in there and answer all of our questions, basically just giving away his hard-earned knowledge was great. Chris was just okay. He made us sit on the floor instead of getting us chairs. No, no, he was great, too. His willingness to discuss any subject we came up with was really nice. He even agreed that it may be time to give the powerlifting guys their own forum. Too bad his testosterone-sucking demons had to be tended to, or we could have knocked back a few beers afterwards. I look forward to the next gathering here!!

Sounds like a lot of fun. Besides the whole test-sucking thing.

Hey Chris, looks like it WAS “Bad Paul” that showed up after all! :slight_smile:

We’ve got a great group of people here in DFW, and the seminar was great. Worth EASILY every penny I paid for it, and more besides. :slight_smile:

Chad was really informative, and I especially appreciate the personal touch he applied to some questions I had for him.

Paul, David, Zev, and everyone - I enjoyed meeting you, and hope we can do this again a little later in the year.

I know I’m sounding greedy here, but are than any plans for having a seminar in the MidWest?

Thanks to y’all for the kind words.
The seminar was great. I appreciate everyone who attended and the excellent questions that were presented during the workshop. Hopefully, all of you gained from the information and will apply it to your programs.
Thanks again to everyone - especially Justin and Chris (who has my vote for the world’s coolest Dad). If I had parents like Karen and Chris, I just might have turned out with a little bit of sanity. And Ashlyn is one of the cutest little girls on the face of the planet. Even I wanted to have kids after spending a weekend with her!