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Texas Power Bar

Hey all, I want to buy a Texas power bar. Where is a good place to buy them. Is it ipf/usapl approved?

Elitefts sells them.

It’s so expensive and shipping is also really expensive do you know any places where I can get it for $300

I don’t. I think I waited for a sale, which happens pretty frequently. Any reason it needs to be a texas power bar in particular?


Ive heard numerous good reasons why it’s the best power bar

It’s a good bar, but it’s ultimately just a barbell. If you don’t want to pay how much it costs, there are other bars out there that are also very good.

Rogue makes an Ohio Power Bar that is highly reviewed.


I’m willing to buy it but it’s expensive and I’m only 17 years old lmao so money is tight

Unless you are pulling or squatting 300, you can do just fine with a barbell from a yard sale or a gym that’s closing down.

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Bought mine from Texas Strength Systems. Best price I could find on one.

Yes, it’s expensive.

You’re only 17 so here’s your first lesson in the way of the world: most good things cost money and sometimes you may not be able to afford them (or it may not be a good idea to spend all of your money on them).

The things you have said so far in this thread leave you at an impasse: you want to buy a good, but cannot buy it at the price at which it is sold. You now have 2 options:

  1. Seek out another alternative bar
  2. Find some way to save the money

I’m sure that owning Texas Power Bar is great, but it’s not required for progress. Plenty of guys have made great progress without one. You can just get by with whatever cheap barbell you can find for now, save your cash for a Texas Power Bar, or you can buy another respectable alternative that costs less money.

I also am surprised…you asked whether there is any place you can get it for $300. It’s currently listed on the Elite site for $330. I understand that shipping may send that upwards to $400-ish, but it’s not like that’s a whole order of magnitude outside your price range. If you’re currently able to spend $300 on it, there’s no way you can find a way to raise/save another $100? No odd job you can pick up a shift? No neighbors who need a strapping teen to cut the grass?

To be fair depending the location right now my area is between cutting grass and shoveling snow.


Like @T3hPwnisher, I waited for a sale. It’s a great bar that is well worth the money. I almost bought the Rogue power bar that was also mentioned and would have had the sale not occurred.

I’d start with a used bar. Granted it took me a couple of decades of buying crap I didn’t really need to learn this lesson, but a used bar won’t be any less useful. Absent that, but the Rogue. The bar I use for squats is a Rogue Ohio Power Bar and it works quite well. If I ever bend or break it I figure then I’ve earned the right to spend $400 on a bar. Besides, I’ve had to balance the cost of flooring, plates, a power cage, benches, and all the other things that go into putting my gym together, not to mention the cost of my other hobbies. The TPB won’t make you any stronger and the work that will is just as effective with another bar. Just my two cents.


I’m 17 too - I started of with a bar from sports authority that lasted about 2 weeks. Big waste of my money. I quickly learnt my lesson, dont cheap out on a bar, and now i have a Rogue Operator bar (the army green one). Well worth the money; its going to last me for many years to come, and it looks bad ass!!

The TPB is great no doubt, but having used a wide variety of bars I can tell you its not so much better than other bars that you should sweat over getting it or another bar that is highly rated, unless you need what that specific bar has to offer.

The Texas Power bar tends to be a bit stiffer (less bend with heavier weights), and has harsher knurling. That can be good or bad depending on your preferences.

When I built my home gym I went with the Rogue Beater Bar ($165 + shipping). It is ever so slightly thicker than a regular bar, which might hinder your dead lifting slightly (very likely not though)… I would buy this bar again in a heart beat. After several years its still in like-new condition and I dont see myself having to do that though.

I have tried several other Rogue bars and they are all extremely high quality (Rogue bar, Ohio Bar, Operator bar).

You may want to see if one of the better gyms in your area has one to try out, or several to try out. Look for a crossfit gym as they tend to have a wide variety of Rogue bars, and may even have the Texas power bar.

As @jboy99 mentioned… Do not buy cheap. Unless you are getting used, I would be very wary of a cheap ass bar.

Although having said all of that, Black Friday is coming, as are the other holidays, and these places usually do great sales and shipping rates during these times.

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Is there a specific need for the bar? Is it for a home gym or are you going to be storing it at a commercial gym?

well i do train at coliseum gym which is a powerlifting gym but they have barbells reserved for members who pay for it. So id rather take advantage of the gym by buying my own barbell

Why not just pay for the membership then? Powerlifting gyms are not that expensive most of the time anyway.

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I paid for the membership but the people who own the box have to trust you first and I wanna own my own barbell

You pay for the gym but can’t use their barbells? What can you use?