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Texas Method?


I'm currently running Beyond531 template and I'm loving it! I was skimming through Tnation and came across the Texas method. What are the thoughts on running this method, seems simple. I don't know about the lack of explosive movements, foam rolling, and assistance. Although it might get you stronger being that it is simple and progressive weekly.


I hope you don't mind if I jump in here. Any ideas about how to run an adapted version without alternating OHP and Bench? Has anyone run the Texas method without the OHP?

The Rippetoe Article from 2010.


did it just incline dumbell press and saw good results. For an experienced trainee as long as you do some kind of pressing variation for 5x5 on monday and a heavy ish set of 5 on friday then you will get stronger. Might want to add in some extra tricep work if totally cutting out ohp


Thank you. I was thinking about just doing a BB incline press. But, I might do it with a DB Incline Neutral Press w/contact. I have to be careful about pressing anything overhead and about putting my right shoulder in a really stretched position.

AND I'd have to get my power cleans on, or find a substitute for the OLY lift. Hummm.... I'm not a good program follower person, but I like the idea of Texas, because it's just very simple.


I personally found the volume and frequency too much to recover from in time... However I have a nagging left groin issue that seems to "pop" when I try to squat that deep too often. I generally like the idea of the program (alternate between a volume day and an intensity day) but I couldn't do it Monday, Friday, then back again on Monday. It gets too complicated within this particular program to start messing with the schedule because its based on a 7 day rotation, so other programs were easier for me to progress on without aggravating my injury.


Same, early on okay, 6 weeks in, not so okay. I moved benching or pressing and cleans to the next day.

This also allows you to do some rows, chins, other assistance work.


I know the question is a few days old, but for a few months I had a lot of success doing OHP three times a week with no bench;
Monday: volume - 5 sets, started at 5x5, increased weight when I got to 5x8
Wednesday: 2 or 3 sets of 5, nowhere near failure. Weight was whatever I felt like. Sometimes I used dumbbells.
Friday: Work up to a heavy set. Single at first, increase the weight when I could do 4 good reps.

After 3 months of that I switched to lifting 2 days a week, so I shifted Monday's session to Tuesday, eliminated Wednesday and kept Friday as it was. Been doing that about five months now and I'm still seeing good progress.

Either of those templates might work with bench instead of overhead?


How bout you actually stick to a program? Your past 3 threads have been bout getting on a new training program.