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Texas Method - Three Weeks In


Texas method week 3@ bw 185 17yr old. been working out seriously for 1.5 yrs and just started the texas method on my 3rd week. Any pointers and criticism would be great on form,etc.


Nice lift, good form. The music is pretty beta though might want to change it, but lifting in socks makes up for it....eay


Not familiar with the Texas method, but does it include any box squats? Your power looks smooth, but I think you may need to sit back a little more. Box squats can help train you to get that butt back a bit more. Looks good otherwise though.


no i dont think it includes box squat.


You look really unstable, bro. I'd second sitting back just a little bit. I train at Rippetoe's gym in Tx (I'm currently deployed however). When I started there, my squat was pretty unstable (i.e. jerky and not smooth descent). I focus now on keeping the bar over the center line of my feet, maintaining a fluid descent, and utilizing the stretch reflex at the bottom by getting my ass back and tension on my hamstrings throughout my warmup. Every set, every rep is focused on feeling proper form. The bar looks like it travels forward toward your toes on the bottom half of your descent. If you were looking at yourself from the side, you would probably notice a bit of a "figure 8" in the bar's path of travel. Keep your upper & lower back/abs locked tight and, as I train at Rip's, I'd recommend a neutral head position. Your writs look to be in a really weak position. Try to get your elbows up a tad and get your wrists into a strong position. It will help with your lat/upper back tightness. Lastly, possibly turn your toes out just a little more. Looks like your knees aren't totally tracking to the toes directly. Just my 2 cents, though.

How much hip mobility work do you do? I'd also recommend some shoes. I used to squat barefoot, then used chucks, and now have some Oly shoes. I'm not sure but I think the lack of arch support/stable base lead to my knee problems in the past year. I tore my PCL completely in my right knee last summer while squatting bare foot for a year or so prior to that injury.

These are just little things, however. Not bad at all. Just keep working hard, man.


You're a couple of inches high. Second the recommendation for getting some shoes with a bit of a heel.


Shoes with a heel are fine and dandy but first learn how to actually squat. Too often people toss some olympic shoes on because it makes it easier to hit their depth, avoiding the underlying issue that their mobility and technique suck.


i need to put my wrist farther out.


No. Narrower is better. Well some people might debate me on this but I think that when they are in nice and tight you can get a majorly tight upper bakc and can stay more upright and be way more stable. With arms out wide the upper back gets loose, the elbows flare back and you will fall forward.


Your squat looks a lot like mine did a couple weeks ago before I posted a form check ( http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/squat_form_check_25 ). It was definitely a little high. You seem to break at the knees instead of breaking at the hip and sitting back which is something I've been working on and it's really not too hard to get down. I'd follow the same advice that the members gave me in my thread. I felt a little weaker the first time I did it, but since then my squats felt more explosive and I've managed to hit some PR's with a much better form. Just prepare to be really really sore when you learn to sit back and use your posterior chain when you squat. My hamstrings have been killing me all week lol.


Definitely get narrow hand placement on squats.... My comment was to bring your wrists to more of a neutral position, like you were going to press the weight. I wear wrist wraps (loosely) to reinforce the concept of maintaining a strong wrist throughout the movement.


yeah ill try that. the wieght isnt to heavy because it was pretty easy but i need to make those little changes to get rid of that figure 8 moyion. thanks:)




an i wiegh 180*


also any suggestions on what i do after the texas method? i feel like its making me much stronger but im not gaining any wieght, which is good. Does anybody know any good bench programs that also mantian lower bf%


Look up DeFranco's Agile Eight. Did wonders for my hip mobility/flexibility.


If you want to get stronger try 531 for powerlifting.

That said I wouldnt worry about gaining weight, if you only weigh 180 (although im not sure how tall you are), you could probably stand to gain weight. This is the easiest way to get stronger.


also on most of the reps, your hips are raising before your upper back - throwing you forward and making it a lot harder to complete the rep