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Texas Method Question

I just finished 12 weeks on the stronglifts 5x5 program and saw great results with it. I added 40lbs to my squat, 35lbs to my bench, 20lbs to my deadlift, I went from doing dips with 5x5 with 50lbs to doing 4x8 with 50lbs (same with pullups), and 20lbs to my overhead press. blah blah blah, now I’ve switched to the Texas Method.

My question is how to fit barbell rows into the Texas method program. All the articles I’ve read say nothing about rows. I really don’t want to just drop them completely for the next 12 weeks, however, I don’t want to force them into a program and end up messing up my progress.
Thanks for any response.

You can do them on the bench day instead of your power cleans, or substitute them with dumbbell rows (which may be a good move as your low back will be a bit fatigued after the squats at your strength level).

I’ve been doing them after Squat and Bench on Volume Day (and not doing Power Cleans), but I’ve been doing Pendlay rows to save my lower back from fatigue. You could also do them on Recovery Day and just keep them lighter, while doing chins on Volume day.