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Texas Method Question

Im a little confused on this program

Week 1
Mon: bench 5x5 volume
Wed: OH Press 3x3 Recovery
Fri: Bench Intensity

So is it bench twice a week and OH press once a week? Or do they continually alternate so on week 2 you OH press twice?

they alternate, week 1 bench 5x5 MON, wed 2x5 press(light) fri bench 1x3-5 PR week 2 press 5x5 wed 2x5 bench light fri 1x3-5 PR, u can also change the light days to 3x3 with slightly heavier weight. what i recommend is deloaded every 4 weeks cause i tended to plateau every 4th week obviously cause im hittin prs 3 weeks in a row, make sure u eat, gallon of milk all that stuff u know and that ppl say