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Texas Method Question


Hey guys,

Sorry if this has been beaten to death already, but I had a question about the Texas Method by Rippetoe and the other thread was locked.

I'm confused about intensity day. It says to work up in "singles or double to a single, new 5RM". Does that mean, I'm finding a new 5rm..or 1rm?

For example, if I did 250 x 5 x 5 on monday, do I try to work up to 255 x 5 for one set on friday? or use the estimation formula for 1RM and try to beat that and then increase the monday weight by 5lbs?

Sorry if I sound like an idiot, I just can't figure it out. The other thread had people saying a new 5rm, but I downloaded Rippetoe's sample excel file and he has 1x1 on fridays.

Help a brother out


Usually it is 5rm. Rippetoe has a suggestion to to cycle through 5/3/1 rep maxes in order to keep from stalling out.

Figuring the loads to attempt for each may take a little experimentation to figure out.


That makes sense, thanks!


Where did you find that excel spreadsheet?