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Texas Method on Lower, BBB on Upper?

I have been running a 4 day texas method for last 8 weeks, and have seen good success, and still am, on my Squat and DL. My presses, are lagging, number wise, and aesthetic wise. My back has really grown, and so have my legs, with the heavy deads and squats. My chest is not growing, and quite honestly, I feel my upper body can use a change of routine and a bit of a shock. Was thinking about doing BBB 5x10 @50 -60 percent of TM, for upper only, and sticking with Texas method for lower.

M- Bench 5’s pro, BBB 5x10, 3x whatever LTE’s
T- DL intensity, Squat Volume, 3x whatever Chins

TH- OHP 5’s pro, BBB 5x10, 3x Whatever LTE’s
F- Squat Intensity, DL Volume, 3 x Whatever Chins

I’d like to build my chest up, while continuing on a path to a 315 lb. bench press.

Would BBB at 50 percent be a good choice for what I am currently looking for? Or are there better options for programming?

40 year old male, 6 feet, 220 lbs., current lifts are ( I have not tested ORM ):
Bench: Currently running 5 singles at 250 pounds
Press: Currently running 5 singles at 160 pounds
DL: Currently running 2 sets of triples, at 415 pounds
Squat: Currently running 1 set of 5 at 370 pounds

I Dont compete, dont plan on it, but i aspire to bench 315+, squat 500+, DL 600+, but I would also like to look like I can.

If you add up your current volume and compare it against 50% BBB then it’s probably a big jump. If that’s the case then starting light is the way to go. I use a low % BBS for deadlift and it works great.

Btw you might not get many answers as you’re mixing and matching programmes. So you’ll be told to try it out and see.

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Yes you can do that.

I suggest doing it at 40% for a cycle. Zero downsides, plenty of upsides.

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Using your program, if I wanted to build my chest I would replace the bench 5x10 and/or press 5x10 by weighted dip 5x10.

My chest respond better to dip than bench (and press of course). Might not be the case for you

Yeah dips as assistance are an excellent way to beef up your pressing muscles.