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Texas Method Issues


Okay so I'm plateuing on Starting Strength after about 4-5 months of it and know I need to switch it up somewhat.

Even though I originally started training for mass I've decided to concentrate on strength whilst losing some excess fat I've picked up(I added 40lbs on SS, but also went up to 16-17BF%). I've gone through PPST and browsed over WS4SB but I really like the Texas method and how it works.

I'm concerned with fitting in all the exercises however.
I mean, for squats, I was thinking of a:
Monday=Back Squat 5X5
Wed=Front Squat 5repsX2sets
Fri=Back Squat 1setX5reps.

I'd like to use the exercises featured in SS however as they are all the essential core lifts. But if I was to bench on monday and friday, with an incline bench on wednesday, where can I put the press?

I mean, I'd have a high volume 5X5 on monday, similiar exercise(incline) on wednesday, and a high intensity 1X5 on friday. So that leaves no room for military pressing.

I'm wondering what people who have used the Texas method have done to overcome this?
Surely people didn't omit the press entirely...?


I never bothered with inclines while using the Texas Method. I would just rotate bench and military thusly:

Monday - Bench (Volume)
Wednesday - Military (Recovery)
Friday - Bench (Intensity)

Monday - Military (Volume)
Wednesday - Bench (Recovery)
Friday - Military (Intensity)


So my advice would be to do that, or more similar to what you mentioned above - bench every Monday and Friday, and military on Wednesday. This is just my personal preference.


In Practical Programming, Rip suggests you alternate, one week press, next week bench, although I think I like bcinu's idea better.


you can always just do presses on wednesday, setting it up something like this:


Dead lift



Cool advice bcingu, I think I'll take that. It would clearly be idiot to omit either the bench or press from a strength routine.
Did you find consisten gains with that method bcingu...?


Yeah, I was able to consistently progress for quite a bit of time while using the Texas Method. The only thing that was difficult was actually allowing myself to recover on "recovery" days.

Also - remember that it's more of a template than a set routine, so just give yourself time to figure out what works for you.


Thanks for the replies guys


Okay, so instead of back squatting 3 times a week, every week I'm thinking of swapping back and front squats every week.

So it would look like this-
-Back Squat
-Bench Press

-Front squat

On the wednesday of front squat week I would do a back squat and smae principle on the wednesday of back squat week.
Any reasons why I shouldn't do this...?