Texas Method Intensity Day

I’m a bit confused about intesity day, i don’t understand what weight i gotta use, for example, on volumen day i used 80 kilos ( that’s 90% of my 5RM) in squats, in friday i do my PR, 1x5, according to the weight of volumen day or according to my real 5RM 88Kilos. So i do in intensity day 82 x 5 reps or 90 x 5 reps?


You do your 5 rep max – the max weight you can get 5 reps with. Start with weights you know you will get and then increase the weight each week, until you’re setting weekly PRs.

You want to keep some distance between the poundages on volume day and intensity day, that’s the whole point. 80kg for 5x5 on VD and 90kg for 1x5 on ID sounds okay.

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