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Texas Method for Mass?


Alright all,

I have a question regarding the next program I'm going to put into play for my training. In a few weeks when I get back on supplementation I want to get on a proven "mass building" routine. My first bout with Rippetoe's novice program worked well for my strength gains, but no size really came along with it (note: that was my fault, as I wasn't eating right).

I'm going to throw up a routine here in the next few days - something simple and really focused on compound lifts. Here's my questions specifically about the Texas Method from Practical Programming - It seems like the frequency and the lifts are focused on mass building, but MR says that for people wanting to gain muscular weight should have a "volume" day in the routine. Is the volume day built in to the Texas Method (like, day 1 5 sets of 5)? Any clarification on this from folks who have done it would be appreciated.

To reiterate my specific goal - I want to build healthy mass. This is not sport specific and I am not worried about tacking big numbers on to any one exercise. I'll get there when I get to my weight goals.



So you want to gain as much muscle as possible ...?


I only ask, because Texas Method is not the best program for mass.


Dude - In a nutshell, yes. A better way to say that would have been, "I want to gain mass without dirty bulking." I have bad genes when it comes to that, so being 30 with cholesterol through the roof and borderline diabetic wouldn't be productive.

I appreciate the input. If you were to make a mass-specific recommendation for a training program, what would you advice (at the intermediate level)


Dirty Bulking is entirely diet dependant. Just FYI.

TM is ok for gaining weight but you'll gain muscle mass on almost ANY programme that allows you to get stronger if your diet is in check. I wouldn't recommend it however.

Standard Bodybuilding routines will obviously work best but like I said, it's all down to your diet.


^ correct

Check out the thread by KingBeef in the Bodybuilding forum or the Bodybuilding Bible thread for pre-made programs. You'll eventually get to the point of making your own, based on what works for you (trial and error).

Do you have to get sloppy fat to gain muscle? Nope. Do you generally eat extra food? Most definitely.


Dude, Jereth - totally understood on the diet thing. I cleaned up my diet to really pay attention to my healthy calories and whatnot - I said it like that because I've had people in the past tell me "Bro if you want to gain weight all you have to do is toss down everything in sight! Train 5x per week and when you put on the mass, cut down!" To me, that's ridiculous. I understand you guys aren't telling me that.

I read Beef's post about some good programs. I'm going through the BBB thread now, looking for a good 3x split. I only focus on 3x/week because I've read from multiple places that it's the best option for someone in my position.. I'll throw up any more questions as i find stuff - still appreciating the feedback.


Sounds like they were 16 years old :wink: Us "old" guys can't get away with what younger guys can. Just a reality.

day 1 - chest/tri's
day 2 - back/bi's
day 3 - legs/shoulders