Texas Method and Cutting. Any Benefits from Doing 5x5 and Not 3x5?

Im currently cutting and doing Texas Method. So far Im still gaining strength in my 5x5 lifts but is there any point in doing 5x5 instead of 3x5 since im in a deficit?

I feel that if i keep doing 5x5 and when I reach my limit I will switch to 3x5 and will prolly continue grinding longer than if I just hopped on 3x5 right now.

Whats ur guys take on this?

yeah stick to 5x5 the volume will lean you out faster

Don’t rely on the volume to lean you out.

Your primary object is holding your strength. If you can hit your 5 rep max’s or even keep progressing, I see no difference.

If you can’t hit the new 5 rep max, evaluate then. Texas isn’t a fat loss program so i guess the day will definitely come when you can’t increase the weight any more. When loosing fat, even keeping your 5 rep max is success.

Just to throw in a wrench.

10x3 for fat loss.

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Yeah but if i keep the volume high while I can i feel like I can stimulate my muscles longer allowing me to progress longer in the long run. Doing 5x5 til I stop and hop directly on 3x5 will make it feel easier by CNS and I can continue that until I cant hit 3 set anymore, then hop on madcow style 1x5?

EDIT: plus im in a early stage of a 5 month cut so I think that doing 5x5 wont do any harm so far, but as my BF% drops I will ofc cut down on my sets and rep scheme and try to maintain, but as of now Im still gaining.

EDIT 2: I mean if maintaing strength was the goal and NOT gaining during cut u might aswell hit the gym once a week doing 1 rm to maintain if u supposedly cant gain muscle or strength.

Sure, if your goal is only strength & you believe you can keep your 1 rep max by hitting the gym once a week, that might work, but then you prob have to find other ways of expending calories since you want to create a deficit. Doing work while cutting, not a lot - not too little - within reason, will likely to help the fat loss & keep the muscles but won’t likely to make you gain anything.

High volume?

8x8, Gironda method.