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Texas Method, 5x5, or Westside?


What would be the better program choice for an Intermediate lifter who is working on base strength..

1) Fullbody: Texas Method / Madcows 5x5

2) Upper/Lower: A customized "Westside" program


If a 5x5 works, it works, but if you're training for strongman as an intermediate you'd be better off with the more specialized upper/lower split program. I'm intermediate as well and I know that I can't make gains from those programs anymore, especially not for the events. I'm on a WSBB/Strongman program right now and it works great. The only problem I have is working in events for reps.


How exactly have you been training for the last two months, 'ya know, since this thread where you were gung ho about getting ripped:

You have a really, really, really bad habit of program hopping, which I mentioned in that thread. If you want to make serious progress, you need to make some specific long-term goals and work towards those.

And while we're on the subject, how did that last "cut" go? What's your current bodyweight?


Well first off westside is more of a training methodology that you can use to develop your own program and use whats best for you. So my advice is learn what you can and take that knowledge and develop a program. Its almost like the scientific method take a theory and test it on yourself and figure out what works best.

Also if you are into strongman there is an article on elitefts recently about implent strongman events into your workout instead of just haveing an event day.


Well I'm just working on base strength right now, not doing any work with the implements yet.

I was doing Madcows 5x5 until I tweaked my knee, but I haven't lifted in 3 weeks.

I know that I do, but my New Years Resolution is to keep to one program unless it doesn't work.

Never started the cut, bodyweight is the same.

I know that. But the reason I asked this question is because a strong buddy of mine uses the conjugate method and is willing to write a program for me but I'm wondering if I should wait until I'm advanced before utilizing that type of programming.


Westside can be utilized for intermediates. For beginners, I'd say use Starting Strength or something but as soon as newb gains stop, the Westside works great for max strength. Btw, if you're still working on "base strength" though it probably means you're not an intermediate lifter.


Well I know that it can be utilized, but I'm thinking a simple 5x5 could be just as effective. I am an intermediate lifter.


cj murphy at elite fitness wrote a good hybrid program with strongman and westside. This elite is good place to start they have alot of great info on there about this subject. As far program working any program can work with some small adjustments you just have to put in work, and look at three or four months down the road and adjust accordinly.


ive started doin the texas method from the article put on here bou 2 years bak nd wondering wot percentage of my 1rm i should be using for the powercleans nd snatches on the friday wb plz


Dude seriously if your a intermediate lifter then you should for atleast 75% percent know the answer to this question. And secondly you asked for opinions so stop arguing with them. If you think 5x5 can be just as effective as conjugate method and you prefer the 5x5 then do that. There is no magic program Eat Lift Sleep Repeat and you will grow. But for fuck sakes pick some one to listen to and then listen. If your constantly seeking knowledge of how and why something works that's one thing but if you are constantly seeking advice and changing your program every 3 hours you never going to get any where. Pick


soo 75 percent it is cheers shag