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Texas Method 11 Weeks IN


17 yrs old.
11 weeks in TM
before TM squat 305x5 bench 235x5 dl 365x5
11 weeks in: squat 350x5 bench 265x5 dl 405x5 425x1(maybe more fresh)
bw before:180
bw now:185-186


fucckkkk vid didnt go thru'


Strong lifts man. Some advice would be to squat a little deeper (you were a bit high on a couple of those) and force your knees out harder, stay tighter in the bench, and get more speed off the floor with the deadlift and work on not hitching (unless you are doing strong man or something where hitching is allowed and helpful).

Other than that, just keep going. Good luck.


Good job bro! As your training partner I think your depth is fine... we both know people that have equally impressive legs doing below 90 and to 90 ... only thing is all peeps below 90 complain of pain...


May have just been the angle of the camera then.


Pain where? I always thought going below 90 was better for the knees.


The depth was dubious. Great lifts though, gotta remember to push those knees out. And I go below 90 degrees most of the time and my knees are just fine. so "all peeps" who squat deep don't complain about knee pain.


Knee pain really just depends on how you were squatting previously. If you go from squatting high to squatting super deep and going really heavy your tendons will hurt for a bit, if you get past that your joints will get stronger and it wont hurt anymore. If you start squatting really deep from the get go with lighter weights then your tendons will have built up the strength over time and you would have avoided the mess entirely (unless your form sucks).

It's not like OP was quarter squatting, just looked like he was about an inch, maybe two, high.


Actually, knee pain depends on how you're built. Aside from random tendonitis in my left knee I never had problems when squatting to parallel or just a bit higher. When I switched to atg I started getting really bad knee pain within a few weeks and shortly after tore two chunks off my meniscus in my right knee. Not blaming deep squats entirely, but they were definitely a major contributing factor.

Op, you're a strong kid and those squats were plenty deep. Props.


thanks bro. i agree i couldve gone maybe an inch lower but my goal is paralell


what exactly is hitching?lol i do have a problem putting my ass down. i try but when i start the lift i just end up doing anrdl


i was also pretty drained from the squat and bench...


Knees out, sit back, squat lower. Obviously camera angle is a bit off for judging depth but based on what I can see you're high on some and would see some reds in competition. Work on your walk out you waste way too much energy 6 stepping it/shifting. Learn to 2 step.

Lose the straps. Learn not to hyperextend your back. Drive through your glutes and really squeeze hard once you've cleared your knees.


Great replies so far ... i know a few people that squat 450+ for reps and have been lifting for 20+ years in both ol and pl ... and they told me their way is best (either at 90 or below) and showing me their impressively built legs which speak volumes ... as far as leg development both techniques get the job done ...
In case of competing at a certain lvl then you guys that may have done it or know those type of people >> are right regarding depth ... so far my n RomanianRock are concerned w form such as knees in check, balance, chest in proper position n driving w the posterior chain ...

For what its worth we've been at it for about 1 year ... so were here to learn! Thanks


No offense but if your posting this in the powerlifting forum I imagine your goals are to compete, or to atleast lift to the standards upheld at a meet. Those squats are high by meet standards, not by much don't get me wrong there alot better than 90% of people at commercial gyms, but they're still high. If your goals are aesthetics than that depth is perfectly fine. Either way those are impressive lifts for 17 years old and OP has a bright future ahead of him with some hardwork!


remember, this is the first time ive done any of these wieghts. (except 265 which used to be my 1rm)


Thats fine, again I'm not trying to take anything away from your lifts but whether or not its your first time squatting that weight or not you'd likely get red lights in a meet. Lucky for you this wasnt at a meet and next time you squat that weight youll smash it, to depth because now you know your slightly high. I'll be the first to admit I've gotten called for depth at a meet it happens just gotta sink it next time!


None taken... however i dont see how posting in pl forum means one has to compete :wink: ... one may do it for strength, mass gains.


Absolutely. But by powerlifting standards, those squats are high. Hip crease needs to be below the top of the knee. Video from the side at about hip height to definitively show when you break the parallel plane.


^ that..plus what's the point of straps? Unless you're doing extremely high rep dead-lifts or you have some sort of bicep injury they're just an ego booster. When my squats were considered high and had somewhat questionable form I switched to low box squats for a couple weeks. These really helped my form and depth, I'd suggest you do the same.

Still that's great progress. Keep it up.