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Texas Longhorns Win!!


41 - 38

Anyone think they gave the Heisman to the wrong guy now?

And I hate the t-sippers!!!


Two words;

Vince mathafuckin' Young!!

Damn, that was a good game.


Hook 'EM, HORNS!!!

Congratulations to Texas!



Texas football baby.


vince young really did make it look easy out there.

(that one-kneed pitch to selvin young in the 2nd quarter looked especially effortless)


GO HORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god that game was amazing. Congrats to USC though they played a great game, but way to TEXAS!

What about David Thomas, now he had a game tonight.


Unbelievable game. Wasn't really rooting for anyone going in, maybe Texas slightly just because of all the USC hype, but was pulling hard for Young by halftime. I bet he'll be a great pro QB, despite what some people say.


I wondered how long it would take before that came up. Do you really think they would have stopped him from the 2 had they called him down there? I mean the guy only had 460-some-odd yards of total offense.

Funny, but I don't hear you whining about the incomplete USC pass that really was an interception.

But no matter - USC still lost. And they lost to TEXAS!!! That's gotta suck for the left coasters.


And people said the Big 12 was weak. Pffft.


I just am really over joyed that we don't have to be bombarded with the greatness of USC and the non-existant three-peat. Vince Young was the best player on the field tonight, and showed he is the best player in college football.

Reggie Bush needs to mail the Hesiman to Vince tomorrow morning. Bush got own'd tonight, and Young was PHENOMENAL. I'm absolutely amazed at how atheltic he is as well as how calm he is. Michael Vick wishes he could be Vince Young.


Yea yea. I'm a Notre Dame fan, but I was rooting for the Trojans (mostly cause of you Rainjack).

But hey...Giants are in the playoffs, so who am I to complain?


Heck of a game. Go Texas!


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Comments from a Pac-10 guy:

1) bad defensive job on Vince Young the whole game ... should have made him throw the ball every down ... a spy (or two)

2) poor tackling all game long

3) bad lateral attempt Reggie Bush

4) bad timeout at the end of Q3

5) bad 4th and 2 Lendale White dive play with 5 minutes to go

6) bad defensive job on 4th and 5 at end of Q4

7) bad use of last timeout with 19 seconds to go to attempt to stop 2 point conversion

i had predicted that SC would lose this year, but i thought it would happen in the regular season to a Pac-10 team

but enough negativity ... Texas played well and won the game ... Vince Young ... what will come of him in the NFL? a receiver?

now i owe someone in Oklahoma a bottle of wine ;(



If the t-sippers were playing any other team, I would have been rooting for whoever they were playing. I hate TU.

But - I am sick and tired of the ESPN whores kissing USC's ass like they're the only damn team that can play the game. USC wouldn't have even won the Big 12 South. Pete Carroll is a sham, and it will show in the next couple of years.


Both teams played great! By the way, I love USC and I don't really care for Texas. I will give some respect by not bitching about it.

USC just couldn't stop Vince Young. It was hard for me to watch. Let me repeat, USC couldn't stop Vince Young. In another thread I said that Oregon could beat Texas. I feel foolish about that.

USC's offense was great, maybe even better than Texas', they (USC) had some costly mistakes...mistakes they couldn't afford because you know....Vince Young is the shit!

I don't think Reginald Bush should be mailing his Heisman to VY. Reggie earned that shit. Vince earned a National Championship.

GREAT GAME! That'll be on ESPN classic.


I've never seen a football player take a team on his shoulders like that. He was 30/40 for 268. Making him throw more wouldn't have helped.

He's so tall and fast that he looks like he's just walking down the field taking really big steps.



Now feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't USC 2005 place itself among the elite of elite in that poll of all time TITLE WINNING TEAMS? They didn't win the title, but they're still one of the all time greatest teams in college history?

Personally I've never heard of anything so absurd. ESPN is extremely close to ruining sports for me. Too much hype, too much coverage, and too much Corso. I've had enough of him, throw Bill Curry in there with him.

GO HORNS!!! Funny thing is last year I rooted against them because of all the Vince Young hype, but this year is another story. I hate USC and Pete Carrol can stick a corn cob in his ear after this one. No more Bush, Lineart, and White. It's going to be like the North Carolina Tar Heels from last year, everyone's gone and the water boys will have to suit up. (Bad joke but I'm just over joyed at SC's defeat)


That was a WONDERFUL game. I thought for sure after USC scored their last touchdown, Texas wouldn't win. I was pulling for them to pull through, and they did! Vince Young deserves a HUGE amount of praise.


Immensely entertaining game.

Did anyone else catch what Leinart said to the ABC reporter after the game? "We were the better team, they just made the plays."

What a fucking asshole.