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Texas Judge Beats Daughter with Belt


We haven't had a spanking thread in a couple of weeks.

He apologized, so I guess it's okay. Right?


dude says in the video that it was all about the computer
he never wanted a computer in the house

never even looks at the computer
doesn't take the computer out of the room
does not give fuck about computer
we would never have seen this video if he had taken the computer away

wanted to whip girl in pajamas on her bed
forgot about everything he said it was about


Beating her for downloading music? That's a bit much. But I see no problem with whipping your child to discipline them.


No shit. If he wanted to punish her for file sharing, he should have taken the computer out of the room.

He just got off on whipping her.


What a retard.(the father, not the daughter)


WHOA WHOA, Cerebral palsy? Back up the bus, that changes everything. He fucked up.


It depends on how viciously you do it. If anyone would beat their child like this for anything less than catching them in their bedroom with heroin, then they don't deserve kids.


That almost felt staged.

16 is kinda old to be beating a kid. We all felt a belt in my family but once we reached a age the spanking stop and the talking took over.
Gotta say this was odd to watch, feel dirty.


On another note, what is it with all of these threads about authority figures in Texas beating people? I'm half expecting a squad of cops and judges to break into my house and beat me in the middle of the night.


I see your point and I agree. I just don't think its as viscous as they say.


I read the comments before watching the video, I was expecting a lot worse. That really wasn't that bad.

^^ That's the paragraph the daughter wrote. Cerebral palsy has absolutely nothing to do with a passion for technology, looks like she dropped that little nugget in there to tug on people's heartstrings. As for Mom being severely manipulated? Bullshit. She was just as in on that as Dad. And the whole hidden camera thing made this feel like it was staged. Who does that?

Combine all that with the fact that this happened over 7 years ago and she hasn't said shit until now, it sounds to me like she had a falling out with Dad and released this video to get back at him.

I find I don't have a lot of sympathy for her.

Edit: I just read that she now lives with Mom. With all that BS trying to absolve her mom of guilt, I would bet every cent in my bank account that Mom helped her cook this up. There will be a lawsuit within a week.


I don't have a problem with anybody whippin' their kids, as long as they don't seriously hurt them or do it for unnecessary reasons.



Would I spank a 16 year old in pajamas because she has been a bad, bad girl?


My own daughter?

Hell no, that would be .... wrong.

Terribly, terribly wrong.


Singling this out because I don't care to discuss the rest of your rant.

You don't think a degenerative disease that leaves people physically disabled may lead to a passion for technology? There is most certainly a correlation between cerebral palsy and pursuing non physically demanding activities.


That wasn't my point. She is being punished for breaking the rules, not for pursuing her "passion for technology". She is trying to justify lying/stealing/disobeying her parents (apparently after she'd already been caught stealing music at least once before) by playing the "I have a shitty disease" card.


x2. I used to get the belt. And deserved it.


Yep. He should've spanked her harder, the mother too. Obviously he didn't instill much respect in either of them.


that was just an incestuous BDSM threesome.
pretty normal by 2011 standards.


Did you ever stop to think that maybe now she has some distance between herself and her father, she has the confidence to come out about things like this without the fear of repercussions? She said that her and her mother were both beat. But hey, if that bitch of a wife doesn't make dinner the way a guy likes it, she deserves it! Right? Let's go beat the whole family "into submission," as he said. Let's kick the dog in the ribs too, it won't stop whining. Make sure you kick it hard enough to fracture a rib. It needs to learn its lesson.

Power trips... it's mind blowing.

For all of you saying that you'd beat your disabled daughter and your wife with a big shit-eating grin on your face, please don't have kids. They will grow up, have children, do the same thing to them, and your pissed off abused grandchildren will just continue the trend of criminal activity that abused children often fall into.


Watching that brought back memories. 16's a lil old, but it's not an issue. And if she had CP, it didn't show in the vid that was staged and expected. No sympathy from me. Just a good ol' fashioned whooping.