Texas High School Girls Powerlifting

Wanted to brag about one of the girls I coached this year. She is a senior and a stud volleyball player, but has been lifting with me since she was a freshman in the 165 lbs. class of the Texas High School Woman’s Powerlifting Association. She went to state as a 9th and 10th grader and won her regional as a 10th grader, but was forced to miss her junior year because she tore her left quadriceps tendon (3 inches up into the muscle).

This year she came back with 3 goals; make it to state, win the 165 class at regionals again, and set the regional deadlift record (her best event). Her first deadlift at regionals won the meet and got her to state, but this one at 415. lbs, got the record. She just missed 430 on her final, as she got lightheaded and fell backwards. Notice the smile on her face as she locks out the lift. A true beast!

Wow! That’s amazing lifting for someone so young. You must be really proud.

Awesome woman!


Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know of any women lifting when I was in high school.

So is women lifting big in Texas?

This would be fun to get my girl in the game when she’s old enough. She likes to lift little DBs with me now.

Beautiful! I keep seeing news articles about highschool girls powerlifting in TX. They grow some good taekwondo competitors there too. Good job!