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Texas Fight!


Texas Fight!
Texas Fight!
Go Texas Fight!!!!!!!

Give Em Hell
Give Em Hell
OU Sucks!

Hook'Em Horns




OU: 38
UT: 17

Mack’s last stand


[quote]Brett620 wrote:
OU: 38
UT: 17

Mack’s last stand[/quote]

I hope you’re wrong.


If UT is going to win, it will have to be low scoring with several Sooner turnovers.

If UT wins, Brown keeps his job, which I don’t think is good for Texas.


I like Mack Brown.


And right now Texas is winning with the Running Game!


And the passing game, and defense


Damn, Texas whipping that ass. 17-3 now.

Looks like Mack might be safe after all.


aaannnnddd special teams!


you think Texas can win out?