Texas Chanko

Thought I would share my Texas Chanko recipie with you fine folks…it’s especially good during these cold winter months to keep ya hot and sweatin’.

First, you’re gonna brown up 2lbs o’ 96% lean beef. You can get it at Walmart. If you don’t have yourself some of those non-stick skillets, or want to up the calories, give yourself a nice helping of olive oil.

Then throw in 2 McCormick chili spice packs. I prefer the hot blend. My chili is usually so hot you are sweating.

Next, throw in 2-14.5oz cans of diced tomato and 4 cans of kidney beans.

I like to simmer mine on medium heat for a while, to blend all the flavors and also I like to reduce the liquid, so don’t be afraid to leave this on all day at a medium low heat.

Also, if ya like it hot, throw in some crushed red pepper, habanero, jalepeno, and whatever damn peppers you like, as well as Louisiana hot sauce (which is really Texas hot sauce…some damn Cajun stole it from us).

Ask ole Agathos about me and hot food…he’s seen me eat hot wings nobody will touch :wink:

lol! Yeah, had to smell the after-effects of it to! : )

That is some hella good eatin though, and convenient! Weather’s perfect for it, nuttin like a bunch '0 red meat spiced up fer chili!