texas chainsaw massacre

anybody seen or heard about this? i had no idea it was even being done until i saw the trailor at a movie about a month ago. as soon as the preview started, i knew what it was and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. are they gonna be faithful to tobe hoopers version, or is it gonna be more factual, stick more to what really happened? i’m so stoked to see this fuckin movie, im shakin.i cannot wait any longer.

I’m not a fan of the original, but from the trailer (saw it this weekend) the production values look amazing. Some of the images on the screen had been processed to make them resemble old photographs. No idea if the film will really look like that.

I’m excited for it. I saw the previews when I saw a movie awhile ago, don’t remember which, and it looked pretty good.

I’m lookin forward to seeing this, although the original, well, I wasn’t that big a fan, I didn’t see how it could’ve been that revolutionary. These were all based on Ed Gein right? Has anyone seen the actual film called that? I thought about renting it, but I’d never heard of anyone in it, so I thought it might be a joke. I saw where they’re rereleasing alien too, or remaking it one. I hope I was reading that right, when I saw the movie poster at the theatres. Supposedly released on Halloween.

I’ll go see it if JWright promises to hold my hand and tell me when not to look.

Okay, funny story. When I was pretty young (just past the zygote stage, I think), I went with my mother, brother, and a cousin to go see one of the Star Trek movies. There were some “scary” parts in it for a kid my age, so my mom told me to close my eyes at one point. Well, she never told me to open them, so I saw about 10 minutes of the movie. Precocious, I was not.

coming 10/17

saw the trailers

the kids wanna go real bad

I saw the trailer when I went to see Cabin Fever. Anyone seen that one, besides me?

Cabin Fever good?

Cabin Fever is the worst movie I have ever seen. No exaggeration.

ed gein was alright, kinda slow, didnt finish it [missed the last 20-30min]. its based off of him and a guy here in texas who would capture people and do some pretty horrific stuff. gein was in wisconsin if im not mistaken. i caught the classic feel in the trailers too, kind retro-ish cinematogrophy. looks unbelievable to me

I saw this movie a long arse time ago. Seemed gory for little reason to me, never noticed what plot it had.

Well the seemingly 4 foot long chainsaw was cool I guess, but you always watch movies like this and feel like screaming out “you idiots there is obviously a nutjob with chainsaw in other room, get the hell out of house”, but no, instead they just sit there and get chopped to bits through the wall or some crap… lolol

If you buy the popcorn and juice, I’ll hold your hand.

I’m “cautiously optimistic” about the Chainsaw remake. It could be great, or it could totally bomb.

Jessica Biel is worth the ticket price though, that’s for sure.

“You’re kinda cockblocking me dude. A and B.”

Ryan Pinkston

I liked Cabin Fever. I’ve heard a lot of people had problems with it though.

Is it because of the disturbing things happening? Or the poor acting?

Cabin Boy is worse. Far worse.

LMAO, Jared.

I did something really stupid in a scary movie once. It was actually the mystery/thriller “Blood Simple” – the Coen brothers’ first movie.

There is a tense scene where two characters are talking just inside a screen door. You’re led to believe that someone could be watching them and might try to shoot them. Outside, you could see a paperboy throwing a newspaper toward the porch. I swear the newspaper was moving in slow motion – so I should have been prepared – but the moment that damn paper hit the wooden screen door with a “bang” I just freakin’ screamed. That set kind off a chain-reaction of people jumping and screaming that didn’t have anything to do with what was happening on the screen. Needless to say, I sat very low in my seat the rest of the movie. To this day, I sometimes cover my eyes during movies – on the off-chance that I’ll have a stupid reaction like that again.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre isn’t based on anything. That was just a way to scare the shit out of people (with John Larroquette’s voice at the beginning).

It was already sort of remade in 1994 by the screenwriter of the original, with Matthew McConohay(sp?) and Renee Zelwiger. I thought it was pretty frickin’ good, a funny spin on the original.

The Chainsaw Massacre was based very loosely around actual events that happened up in Michigan or Minnesota I believe. Concerned a cult-type group digging up bodies and desecrating graves. They proably did throw in a bit of ol’ Ed Gien, the same old boy they used as part of Lechners character.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for that movie becuase supposedly it all “happened” August 18, 1973, the same week I was born, August 13, 1973 AND the same week the great Jerry Jeff Walker album Viva Terlingua was recorded in Luckenbach, TX