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Texans Ink DE Williams


I didn't see this coming at all.



BIG MISTAKE by the Texans. If this turns out to be true the Saints get one helluva player in Bush!


I don't think anyone did.

Heh, the Saints might actually become a decent team if they pick up Bush instead.

Bush + Brees = wins


the draftniks have been saying that they had the 2 at their top equal.

The concern of many top execs is whether Bush can perform at the level he did against Pac-10 defenses in the NFL. Look at his perfromance against Texas as an example.

Workouts aren't always indicative of on-field performance, but this Williams is special. Reggie White special.


The Texans might be the biggest set of dumbasses around. Reggie Bush has the ability to be one special player if everything pans out. I too didn't see this happening. . . please tell me it's because they have Dominack Davis who is serviceable, but not a superstar by all means.

What do the Saints do? Draft Bush when they already have Deuce?. . .

Hey whatever though, what do I know?



Mario Williams is a safe pick at a position of need for the Texans. I'm sure they would have liked to trade down a bit to get additional picks (The texans need an offensive line something awful). However, it wasn't happening in this draft with the depth at the top.

There just aren't many guys walking around that are 6'7 295 who run in the 4.6s (His frame, athleticism combo is insane). He's strong against the run and the pass. On top of that, he is an awesome character guy.

Like it or not RB's are not a high value position in the NFL right now. They're tons of servicable RB's to be had and when you get a great one, often their shelf life will be short.


bush had 13 carrieds for 82 yards and 6 catches for 95 yards. thats 9.3 a touch. besides the errant lateral, how is that a bad game??


Probably a 50/50 chance Bush is either a star or a bust.

Hard to risk a #1 overall with the paycheck that goes with it on those odds.


I do think that with Bush the payoff rewards are far greater than a bust with a big paycheck. NFL owners over pay everyone already, what's one more overpaid guy. But a Superbowl is priceless.

Not to mention that improved ticket sales (because of Bush) would more than pay for his contract.

Just a thought.


did he have any impact on the game-BESIDES- the negative impact of the bone-headed lateral.
He got junk yards.
Everyone who thinks this kid is a sure thing is crazy. Sure he's got the look of a very good player, but so do most of the top 5 or 10 picks every draft. How many make it.
For every Manning there's a Leaf. Bush will never be a Manning, but he may be a Leaf.
Personally, I like that Williams from Memphis as much as I like Bush.


Bush will never gain over 700 yards per season. THE most over-rated player in the draft. If he's at any school other than USC - no one ever knows who he is.


He has incredible potential and could be a megastar. It is still risky.

I am not sure how the new salarycap works but nder the old one the owners could only overpay a couple of guys. The rest of the team got far less money.

That meant if you were paying a lot for a nonproductive guy it just killed you because you couldn't afford to keep many of the guys you wanted.

It is not like baseball.


But there's no guarantee the over-rated kid will even start.


how about the ridiculous run he had for a touchdown in the third quarter. i've watched almost every usc game in the past three years. without bush, usc would not have been the same team and they're not winning 30+ in a row. two close friends of mine have played against usc the past 3 years and have said he's the best player they've played against.

mario williams is all potential and has never been consistantly good. one scout said if he wasn't told to look for him, he wouldn't have noticed.


Are you serious? I know you're from Texas, but do you honestly believe this? Have you ever watched him play aside from the Rose Bowl? I'm not sure if he's the second coming of Gale Sayers, but as long as he stays healthy he will be very good.


There's about zero chance of him staying healthy. Unless he only gets about 10-15 touches a game.


He ridiculously got to the outside and scored a touchdown. Great. He played on the best team by far in the worst conference by far. To compare him to any H of F'r is crazy stupid. Gale Sayers did to NFL'rs what Reggie Bush did to PAC-10 defenses. Show me the comparison????

And I disagree. Without Bush, they still win a Nat'l title with that team. Maybe they lose a game somewhere, who can say. Reggie Bush was NOT that whole team.

Unlike you, I never said Williams was gonna be a miracle. I said his combines were phenominal--Reggie Whiteish. I also said that doesn't always transfer to the field. To me, they made a good choice. We'll know in 2-5 years.


I've seen him play, he's too small and too light to handle a 291 pound DE getting a hold of him. And don't give me the "he's really really quick" crap. He was a good college player.

Rather than Gale Sayers - he reminds me of another SC back. Charles something-another. He won the Heisman as well, but fizzled like cheap bacon when he actually had to play the game. Bush played in the fucking Pac-10 for pete's sake. I could be a 1,000 yard rucher in the PAC-10 and I have two bum knees.

Just because the media wants it to happen doesn't mean it will. And I hate the Longhorns - not as bad as I hate the dcali schools, but I hate them none the less.


we'll soon see. clearly he's not a 25-carry workhorse but he'll be expected to contribute plenty of rush, rec, ret yds.


if you're going to respond to my post, please actually read what i said about him. where did i compare him to anyone? you're correct, he's not the whole team but the more games you watch of usc, you would definitely see without him no one would have been talking about a three-pete last year.

once again, reading comprehension. where did i say williams was going to be a miracle. all i said was they were drafting on pure potential because he wasn't even a great college player.