Texair vs 2018 T-ransformation

Sorry if anyone loses their lunch over my pics.

A little backstory… I’m 33 and after my daughter was born 4 years ago my weight skyrocketed from 147 to 237 (my highest). This on a 5’7" frame.

I knew my weight was increasing and I needed to eat better, yet I did very little about this problem for a couple of years. I ate whatever my wife brought home (always junk.) She gained even more weight than I did.

My daughter enrolled in teeball this past fall and I was called on to assistant coach… Being the fattest coach maybe in the entire league, not being able to run around with the kids, feeling like every parent was judging me for being a fat slob made me feel terrible. And so since the league ended I have been working on it. I realized that I am the only person that can control what goes in my mouth. No matter what food my wife buys, it’s up to only me to ensure the health of my body. I can’t keep using her buying as an excuse to a bad life and an early death.

I went vegan (I know, boo. Hiss.) I have been making all the food for us for a few weeks now and weighing all the portions. I’m trying to keep my protein up around 120g, while eating as close to 100g of carbs per day as I can get (though I feel vegans are at a bit of a disadvantage here because carb-free meat is plentiful).

So far I am down to 222 and will post pics a bit later. I invested in some dumbbells, a barbell, and 300lbs of plates. I expect a lot of my journal will be walking, calisthenics, mixed in with some lifting a few times per week (so maybe not interesting at all to anyone here. )


Best of luck buddy, I hope you stick around and see this though, this challenge is only the start of it!

Lots of very helpful people here who will be happy to help with anything you need.

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Congrats on taking the plunge man. Sometimes it takes a wakeup call like yours to kick your ass into high gear.

If you stay consistent with your logging on here, you will see some great results. See this challenge through and ask any questions you have along the way! Good luck and happy New Year!

Get it man! This whole not dying early thing is right where I’m at.

People crap on starting strength and stronglifts 5x5 alot around here. There’s plenty of legitimate gripes for intermediate lifters and people who are already strong.

For new guys just getting into lifting those programs are gold. Start with an empty 45lb bar and work up gradually. You’ll be shocked where you are in a year.

Thanks for all the supportive comments, guys.

11 days in the books. I have kept my diet on point throughout, no cheat days, and have been mixing my workouts between weight lifting, yoga, and a ton of walking.

MapMyWalk puts me at a GPS-tracked 26 miles, which of course is not counting all the walking I do when I’m not tracking my workouts. I’m walking between 1 and 6 miles per day.

I read up a little on backpacking (rucking), and I thought that would be a neat way to spice up my walking, so I invested in a ruck from Mars Gear and am carrying 20lbs for a few miles a few times a week. Here she is:

One terrible thing about being a fat ass and then cutting a bunch of weight, I can already feel myself swimming in my clothes, so I’ll be looking like a scrub for a while or buying a new wardrobe soon.

Tomorrow I am leaving to Jerusalem (Israel) until the 19th. Long flights, a lot of meetings, and I am not sure how much activity I’m going to be able to get in during my trip. Might just stick to bodyweight stuff in my hotel room. Any ideas?


I arrived in Jerusalem last night and it’s been very interesting. I’ve been to Tel Aviv before, but this is my first time in Jerusalem.

I’ve done a bit of exploring and so I’m still getting my walking in. The hotel I am has a nice gym with pool and weight room and I’ll hit that up later tonight after my meetings. And the 22 flights of stairs are killing my legs.

Stuck to my diet throughout the trip and flights and so far finding non-meat dishes has been a snap.

If you grab a resistance band before you head out you’ll be able to get a really simple but effective full body workout in
30 minutes, as many rounds as possible
10 band pull apart
10 squats
10 push-ups
10 sit ups.
Very simple but over time very challenging
Rest as long as you need but set yourself a goal for how many rounds you want to get and stick to it!
If you can’t get a resistance band before then just leave out the band pull aparts

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Thanks for the advice. I had never considered buying resistance bands before. I’m already in Jerusalem, but when I get home I definitely will get my hands on some.

I’ve mostly lurked and don’t think I’ve commented on it, but I’ve borrowed a lot of inspiration from your training logs over the last few weeks/months. Very good stuff man.

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I appreciate that mate, keep kicking ass!