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Tests are on the Way

So, I just took my blood test. Will get results in a few weeks.

However, here are my before cycle test results. Covers everything except Free Test… Sadly… But, I will have a new one soon with Free Test… (damn test is expensive)

I believe all my numbers are quite low for my age… If someone can please link me to some research on that, and why Free Test is needed during fertility and libido testing. That would be great.
Need that to give to my Dr so that i can start getting these tests paid for by my insurance.

Age 29. 20%bf. 5’5" 180lbs

PSA .46 ng/ml
Prolactin 77.49 mIU/L
LH 3.67 mIU/ml
FSH 2.73 mIU/ml
Esradiol 22.59 pg/ml
Total Test 4.53 ng/ml