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Testpoal First Time Use

After 4 years of legal Depo injections and not going anywhere I decided to switch doctors, I was approved for Testopol. Today after weeks of waiting for my T to drop down to 127 I started off with 6 pellets. The procedure took 10 min at best no pain but tons of questions.
Hope anyone can help

  1. how long untill it kicks in. I felt a little better 3 days after the shots
  2. years ago I we a huge gym rat loved getting thick but I forgot how to bulk up again, will this stuff help providing I eat better and do a daily gym routine
  3. being new here are there forums for starting out in the gym and nutrition
  4. does anyone have Ligit experience with Testopol good or bad
  5. due to years of anabolic abuse my junk ain’t in the best working order I chew V like tic tacks will this stuff help out in that department.