Testoviron, Neotest or Supertest?

Any opinions out there about Testoviron, Neotest or Supertest? I believe Super is the same as Sus. The others are cheaper but are they as effective and do they hurt like hell also at injection site? Any others I’m leaving out? Thanks Total

I use testoviron depot by Shering 250mg/ml as the base for alomost all my cycles - 100% pain free, draws up pretty easy and good solid reliable results. Only down side is breaking the neck off of the vials-but that is a very minor grumble.


Supertest is similiar to Sustanon, but it has Test. Suspension in it. I haven’t used it (yet), but I’ve heard it hurts (due to the Suspension.

I am not a fan of test suspension. The unstable blood levels it gives you cause a lot of unwanted side effects.