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Testoviron Depot Twice a Week?

My question is if Testoviron depot is ok to do twice a week instead of once every 14 days.

Im asking because in the forums seems to say trt is best administered at lower doses every week instead bigger doses every 14 days, which also makes sense.

My doc says because Testoviron depot is a depot medicine it should be done this rarely and that confuses me when I compare it with whar the forums say, but I dont see if it because nobody is on Testoviron depot, which is the only brand available to me through the doc?

The majority of doctors are just following guidelines and know nothing about hormones therapies or how to read blood biomarkers to determine a proper protocol for the patient. Doctors like to put everyone on the same cookie cutter protocols so they only have to spend as little time with you as possible so they can move onto the next patient as quickly as possible.

If SHBG is lower you may feel better on multiply (M/W/F) injections per week, midrange levels and twice weekly can work.

I didn’t start responding to TRT until I started injecting T 20mg EOD as my levels were swinging and my body couldn’t reach a balance.

Thanks, Where do you inject, when you di it that often?

Testoviron has a longer ester, therefore a longer half-life, and will stay in the system longer than other forms. You may do fine with weekly injections, dependent on how quickly you metabolize it.

You might consider starting with weekly injections and see how you respond. With enanthate, most do fine with weekly dosing. If not, you can always bump up injection frequency.

Under no circumstances would I consider even trying a bimonthly injection schedule.

My personally inject in shoulders and outer quads using a 29 gauge insulin syringe, I inject 18-20mg EOD which sees my free T at the top percentile of the ranges. My doctor originally prescribed 1.5" 18 gauge harpoons that were getting old fast as it’s quite painful.

Pay attention to how you are feeling days after your injection after the first 6 weeks, as time went on I started feeling a little off 3 days after every injection, this was key to choosing an injection frequency for myself, so I settled on every 2 days.

So, to follow up on things, I have done injections once a week and it has been fine, but no miracle. I feel very tired and out of energy some days just when the week is coming to an end, but I am a little unsure still, if Testoviron Depot is suitable for injecting every 2 or 3 days?.

I am still going without any Hcg or Arimidex. Is that ok, even if my Estradiol counts seem totally fine? Sorry for my spelling or bad english:)

Would not hurt, it is part propionate which has a shorter half life, but I would have blood tested at day seven, prior to taking the injection that day.


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