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Testoterone and Sport

I am an elite athlete competing at an international level in track and field, i was just enquiring as to weather or not prohormones particularly DHEA and Andro will increase my Testosterone to epitestosterone levels ubove 6:1 and if so how long before they drop to approximately baseline levels.???

There are several things to consider here. First, androstenedione and androstenediol are banned substances by many organizations. Depending on the detection method used, androstenediol may not show up (HPLC vs RIA), but androstendione probably will.

As far as the T:E ratio, DHEA and most andro supplements will not affect this as none of them elevate T to any appreciable extent. For that very reason, most of the andro supplements are really a waste of money, and there is no reason to take them, especially when you can test over even without getting any benefit.

The one exception is Androsol. I had the same concern when it originally came out. If Androsol elevates T to the extent Biotest believes, then this could be a problem. We are currently wrapping up a study which will answer this exact question. How high do T levels get over several days, and does the T:E ratio remain intact. You will want to stay tuned to T-mag in the next couple of weeks as the data becomes available.