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Hi all,

I have been doing websearches and reading up on testosterone, however, I cannot seem to get clear, concrete answers on a question I have. I want to know what ALL the effects of exogenous Testosterone/derivate over a period of time are on a male who has gone through puberty. I have found out there may be an increase in muscle mass and size, but what else happens? Will your voice get deeper, will penis enlarge? (note this is in someone after they have gone through puberty)

If someone can give me a clear answer that would be awesome!

All the best,



you feel better, look better (if you work out), think more clearly, have more energy and confidence and horny as hell....... those are the good effects :slightly_smiling:


oh i forgot one more thing.... dont use any steriods under the age 21 or else it will mess up your own natural production and other bad side effects too


go to the "steroids and other drugs" forum and read the steroid newbie thread.