Is testosterone the sole reason for horniness in men and women?

This might sound a little silly but does the penis have angrogen receptors like the muscles?
The reason I ask is because the honiness I feel while on 4-AD-EC is different. It feels more “external” - more on the surface of the penis.

What? Your penis gets horny?? Obviously you think with your dick then, because it’s the brain that causes you to feel horny. I think you’re trying to say your penis is more sensitive. I’m not sure what might be causing that. Also, LH can cause “horniness.” Hence why we get so damn horny when we drink alcohol. We have a surge of LH to try to get those T levels back up.

This may not be what you’re talking about, but I’ve noticed when I took Tribex that my penis tended to ‘ache,’ especially where it connects to the pelvis. It wasn’t painful, but sort of drew my attention down there, which made me hornier.

when i drink hard liquor my tip tingles within about 10 min of my first drink. no joke!

Is testosterone the sole reason for horniness in men and women?

Nobody on the testosterone forum know?

beer is the sole reason for gettin horny. pot helps too.

If you had actually read my post you would’ve seen that LH can also play a role in “making someone horny.” Try searching the web, I’m sure would get an answer rather quickly.

Human sexuality is indeed a very complex issue, a mixture of physical and emotional factors. Testosterone, and its subsequent brother DHT, have MANY effects on libido from both aspects. I think of it as moving one’s whole program toward greater interest in engaging in sex. Of note, estrogen (which comes from testosterone) seems to add an emotional (“romantic”) component, too, which many men find adds meaning to the sex act (and their partners respond to as well). i have been told that I am better as a lover while BOTH T and E were elevated. BTW, I’d like to know where LH directly effects libido.

I don’t know “where” LH comes into play, but it certainly makes sense. I’ve read an article here on T-mag that stated the reason why guys tend to get so horny when drunk is that LH are increasing to counter the effect of alcohol destroying testosterone.

On a personal note. When I used to drink, I found that I was much hornier in the mornings and not having sex wasn’t an option.

Also, T-mag has speculated that the reason they think Tribex can increase a woman’s sex drive is due to the increase in LH it causes.

Dopamine has its place in horniness as well, and evidenced by many people who take dopamine agonists and experience libido boosts. Even Wellbutrin, the actions of which are complex but include some dopamine receptor activity, can boost libido and is often used in conjunction with SSRI antidepressants to counter their anorgasmic sides. I’ve also read that testosterone itself and other androgens have some effect on the dopamine system, though I forget if they are direct or indirect…so I wonder if the sex hormones directly effect our libido, or if the action is indirect, that is, testosterone causes systemic changes in brain chemistry that increase libido. Given its relationship with dopamine and dopamine’s libido-boosting abilities, the indirect action may be a strong possibility.

Truth is, NOTHING about body chemistry is as simple as some would have you believe, and the addition of any chemical, whether endogenous or otherwise, causes a series of reactions in the body which we are only starting to really understand…humans are organisms complex beyond present medical knowledge and theory, though we are making rapid strides towards a deeper understanding of its mechanisms.

You’re on the right track, but not quite there. If there is less inhibition at the HPTA from, say, alcohol-induced low T levels, then LH is released to compensate. Let’s keep the horse in front of the cart. Also, women derive their libido from T as well (REMEMBER: GOD GAVE US ALL TESTOSTERONE BECAUSE HE WANTS US TO BE HAPPY). In fact, they get more “bang” for the buck (double entendre’ intended) than men do.

Elegua waxes eloquent.

I was just saying that the mechanism that increases the female libido in Tribex is the increase in LH. I do realize that women have testosterone, but isn’t this gotten from E converted to T? In women, I thought that LH had no direct effect on T levels in women because they lack the necessary anatomy as it’s the “boys” that make T and LH is the messenger.

So hypothetically, if one has no testosterone, he can still get horny from the likes of LH and dopamine?

OOPS! That was supposed to be “SWALE to Elegua.”

if one has “no” testosterone, you cant get motivated to do anything.

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Wow! I was mistaken for Bill Roberts? :slight_smile: Cool! I don’t want to speculate on Bill’s opinion, but I’ll take it as a compliment ;D

That’s right! GOD GAVE US TESTOSTERONE BECAUSE HE WANTS US TO BE HAPPY. I’ve seen a lot of guys completely turn their lives around simply by adding some T.