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What are the differnces between the different esters of “T” (ie… cypionate, enanthate, propionate)? I know and understand about their half lives, but what are the diffences when used for cutting and building lean mass. I posted a question last week asking for opinions as what would be the most effect way to use cypionate and really didn’t get any solid info so I would like to pose the question again!!! I am currently on cypionate as a “T” replacement taking 200mg (1cc) weekly. What would be the best way to use my Rx to put on lean mass? The weekly amount I’m currently using just isn’t doing anything for me, I have gained about 13 pounds over the last 9 weeks, but I don’t think its muscle, probably water. I’m 41, 211 lbs, I train very hard using a 5 day split, and my diet is definitely good. Please someone give an old fart like myself a little help.

All the testosterone esters work the same way, by converting to the same thing – testosterone – and are all inactive until they do that. The only difference is the rate at which they do that.

There are no differences in terms of one being right for cutting and another for bulking, or one giving more water retention
and another less, or anything like that.

Thank you for the info, but once again, I would appreciate the help from anyone that can or would assist in determining a cycle. I have never used anything other than the usual supplements ie…protien, mrp, creatine. I am trying to get information as to the best way to use cypionate. It is currently being prescribed to be because of low “T” levels. To use it for effective gains how much should I use weekly? and for how long? Or should I keep using the 1cc weekly as directed by my Dr, and use something else along with it as a stack? if so what would be the best thing to use with cypionate. Please help a fellow “T” mag brother out.

You have a choice between using 200 mg/week
as prescribed by your doctor, which is
in the category of testosterone replacement
therapy and which can be continued indefinitely
(at the cost of fertility, natural T production, and testicle size) or in trying
to get your T production back via things such
as Clomid and/or Tribex, and saving your T
for occasional cycles.

Cycle recommendations would be the same
as given elsewhere in the magazine – really
nothing different.

I’m on almost the same scrip. 150 mg of Tesosterone Cypionate per week. I have noticed my best feeling and workouts when sticking with the prescribed dosage and taking Tribex 6 caps, twice a day. You should notice a bit more agressiveness in the Gym and (don’t feel weird), check your testicle size before you go on the tribex. You should notice some activity down there, unless you are experiencing total failure. Try that for your reponse to the tribex and then, once you have the results of that supplement, go on an androsol or Nandrosol cycle, followed by tribex to once again support testicular function. I’m doing the same and am currently on Nandrosol. It really does work. Definitely try one product at a time to establish your response before stacking. Good Luck, I know how you feel!!