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Looking at my most recent blood tests I see that my testosterone is at the bottom end of the scale. (really low)
I’ve been reading that low “T” levels can have a wide effect on training and energy and the such.
What experiences have you guys had with low “T”? What were the results from a “T” boost from the doc? Any negative side effects or other considerations?

All info welcome. Thanks.

When I had low T levels I was napping 2-3 times a day just to make it, and sleeping 12 hours per night on the weekends. I could get erections but had zero sex drive, if that makes sense. I would rather wash the car than have some nookie! Plus my facial hair growth slowed dramatically as I was only shaving 2 times per week. Now after the Doc putting me on some Test all is back to normal.

Hey JS I am thinking about test therapy too. Do you know of any good websites or discussion boards for people taking trt? One of my main concerns is that exogenous test will make me sterile. Thanks…

The place where I get most of my info is a testicular cancer site with a mailing list bulletin board. www.acor.org/tcrc there are lots of great articles for HRT there. I also read a few good studies at the Journal of the American Medical Association at http://jama.ama-assn.org/ . Just do a search on Testosterone replacement therapy. Hope this helps.