Testosterone Zone

I’m somewhat surprised no one has brought it up yet, but maybe there are some pitfalls I haven’t thought through. Why not start up an online personals for the single T-community? There certainly is a wealth of talent on this forum. The people who post here sound fairly thoughtful, intelligent and humorous. There should be a fair number of singles on the T-frequency since for all those who actually post, there is a greater number who lurk in the background. What say you?

Do you mean stuff like :‘Hey I’m Drax 6’ 205lbs aspiring fireman/mathematician, will settle for anything without a penis…’ sort of like that?

Drax, dude, now THAT’S desparate. As for the personals idea, well, there’s so many out there already, and geography is definitely a challenge. And screening out the sickos…

I’m only JOKING! :slight_smile: Geez I’ve got standards why would any guy settle for anything without a dink??

So Brider, you want to screen me out eh?

Hey, sickos need love too! : )

I am pretty tolerant but I think that would make me puke. Besides there are far more men than women here. You could always pass around the few women that are here, but I don’t think they would go for that to much…So no, bad idea. Some of this shit is sappy enough…Let’s try to keep some ‘T’ here

Ok, that idea is flawed. Scrap it! :sunglasses:

Face it guys this site is a pickle fest.

I don’t know, I think the idea has some merit. After a few dozen posts you sort of basically know who the weirdos are and who the sane ones are. At least you know who’s literate. That’s something. (Then again, I asked bionic out for a date on another thread and she never responded… [sniff] … What could I possibly have written that would have turned her off…?)