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Testosterone...What Is This Stuff?


I buy almost all Biotest supplements, but I went into a 'hardcore' supplement store in my area this weekend. The guys working there were HUGE and obviously on the sauce. When I asked about the testosterone boosting supps. they carried, I heard the word 'prohormone' for the first time since MAG-10 was around.

According to these guys, companies are making grey market test. supps. by tweaking the chemistry a little and trying to stay under the radar (sorry if I sound naive, but I didn't know this stuff was still out there). After I got home with some names I remembered, I began a 'forum search' about these products from companies with names like Gaspari Nutrition, IDS, Competitive Edge Labs, MHP etc. What I found is that the experiences are all over the board. There were some that felt like Superman on this stuff and there were guys who made it sound as though this stuff would make your liver fall out. One guy actually stated he was lactating! Anyway, does anyone know if these supps. are good or bad and if ANY company makes a product that will boost T without ruining your health? I'm fine with staying on Alpha Male, but I was hoping to do a mass cycle with a stronger testosterone product. Thanks.


Hit the steroid board if you want more than you are getting from the current otc supps.


Havoc by IDS, m-drol by competitive edge labs, phera-max. These are legal but are not the safest things around, do your research.


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If you're thinking of going the Grey Market route, you may as well take one more step and do it right with steroids.

Outside of MAG-10, most of the stuff out there barely works but has all the side effects off the real thing. IMO, if you're going to have side effects involved, I'd rather have the more guaranteed gains myself.


Stay away from all that crap. Theres a reason people are ending up lactating and with delayed gyno. Its just not worth taking. Who knows what problems may arise from these grey market area supps ten years down the road. I wouldnt want to be the test pig on that one to find out.


Hmmm...Lactation/gyno with minimal gains="Legal" vs. Proven AAS+DEA & a Prison Cell="Illegal"...Interesting the options one is forced to choose from these days, eh?...


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