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Testosterone Wedding Wish Card


I have a friend that's getting married tomorrow. I had a bland commercial card prepared for him with a check.

But this morning, this morning I saw the National Post's picture of two lovers passionatly kissing in the midst of the Vancouver riot. It struck me as passionate, pure, a bit crazy love & lust that stays unwavering no matter the chaos surrounding them.

It's truly my wish for them, to keep this kind of vivid love.

My thought was to print this as a cover for my wish letter. It's certainly not prude! But some people even told it was too risque.

My gold is certainly not to offend them, but I'd like a card that's personalized & current, something that's got to be remembered.

Should I go ahead with the idea or is it just bad taste from someone a little too crazy himself?


Uh, what?

Also, she got hurt by the police or something, he is comforting her. Not "unbridled passion and lust."


They're kissing...


first if someone would be offended by that, they suck.

secondly- yes she got knocked down he leaned over to give her a kiss while comforting her and the photographer got the pic at the exact moment. theres another pic from a rooftop or something and theres 3-4 people around trying to help her up, he gave her a little kiss to make her feel better. regardless its cool, but thats the true story.


i think its okay. the thought means more. i've seen weirder at weddings.


Around here it might be a bit controversial but elsewhere probably not. It's not offensive or anything, it just isn't what it appears.

(Personally it pisses me off the couple are being hailed as romantic heroes of some sort when they were part of a rioting mob and didn't move out of the way of the police. The rioting and looting had been going on for hours before dark and anyone who was still hanging around to get trampled by cops at this time was part of the idiocy.)

It is an outstanding photo for sure and it's an interesting statement on how a single frame taken out of context can really change a story. On it's own without the back story it's quite a beautiful image. Knowing the backstory and being close to the riots and having strong feelings about it ruins it for me though.

A conversation piece for sure! Let us know how it goes over if you use it.


After reading your comments and others on that site,I can understand the frustration you must feel about what happened the other night but give these 2 a break. They weren't rioting and they weren't just about to fuck on the street,they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I feel like people are getting so caught up with extreme sides of the situation where they cant just stop and take in for a moment what a tender moment this picture shows. Plus,I heard the buses and trains leading out of downtown were closed off so even they wanted to escape,they couldn't.


Why is it so bad for you? It's just a sum of coincidences and you agree that the picture looks nice. Many iconic pictures of human history are not exactly what it seems and it's something accepted that doesn't take away its historical or artistic value.

EDIT : I just saw that the riots were causing for losing the NHL final so uhm...that kinda changes my view on the thing.


If you think this will elicit a positive response in both of them, then I think this is an excellent idea!

After all, the wedding is about them.


Uh, I don't know if you've read this story at all but they certainly weren't "just about to fuck on the street." They WERE however at the wrong place at the wrong time, and there's not really an excuse. There were lots of places in downtown Van they could have gone to rather than watching a riot happen. She got in the cops' way, she got pushed to the ground and started crying. Her boyfriend was comforting her on the ground. A cool photo nonetheless. But hardly the "passionate scene" that everyone thinks it is.


The skytrain was running all night. It stopped bringing people into downtown but was taking people out all night. The picture was taken at 10:30, really late in the riot. Anyone still on the streets downtown at that time, hours after the game ended and hours after the rioting had started, was there because they wanted to be there so it's ridiculous for them to be acting as if they had a right to be there and had a right to reason with riot police and not get pushed out of the way with the thousands of other dickheads ignoring the police warnings.

The police couldn't get at the vandals and goons because of the thousand of idiots blocking the way, standing there with their cell phones encouraging the destruction by being an audience for it all.

They weren't breaking windows or looting (that we know of) but they sure weren't just a sweet little couple caught in a bad situation that the mean police brutalized and overreacted to.

I still think it's a beautiful photo, on it's own but the backstory and the couple's comments to the media, not so much.


Beautiful photo and a creative idea. And unless you live in Canada, no one will care about the context.


You know your friends. How will they take it?

I love it.

Base your decision off what you know of THEM.


what kind of a slutty slut riots with her undies hanging out like that?

thats not very functional


Yeah, this pic is certainly not an example of love fighting against all odds and barriers in the name of freedom against tyranny and oppression by a faceless government...even though it may be remembered like that in the years to come.

It'll be funny to tell some disillusioned 17 year-old kid in the year 2050 that this was a guy picking up his girlfriend after a riot by a bunch of spoiled kids after a hockey game.


Doesn't matter if a riot breaks out or not. You pay for the hooker, your gonna wanna get your monies worth out of it.


Uhhh. ?

You wear pants to the riots you go to?



Reminds me of when I lived in College Park, MD when Duke would play the Terps in Basketball. Why people feel the need to destroy shit, loot and riot over a fucking game is beyond me. They would tear shit up, over turn police cars, etc... over a regular season game! What a bunch of fucking idiots.

Crowd mentality is a powerful force and goes to show that we aren't as "civilized" as we like to think we are.


Reads post, then looks at AC's avitar and snorts


Maybe not functional for rioting... but highly functional for slutty slutting!