Testosterone vs Testosterone

I have always heard that Test is Test the only exception is the ester. My question is one of confusion, I read a post on another board that stated you could not mix different testosterones on a cycle! This doesn’t make any sense to me. Lets say that if I were going to do a cycle with testosterone(s) could I do a cycle that consisted of lets say cypionate and primoteston? Maybe my biggest mistake was going to another board. Thanks in advance for your help and I would also like to get views from Bill, Brock, and or Chris on this.

The idea that different testosterone esters cannot be mixed is simply nonsense. For example, Sustanon is very popular, effective, and is
a good testosterone: and it is a mixture of esters.

I’d take a note of whoever it was that said that, and then be sure to pay no attention to anything else he says.

You can… I-))))>–

No need for the other guys views here, my grandma could answer this one. Once the ester is gone all that’s left is testosterone. All the esters do is alter the half-life. By your post you already knew the answer. Always question the advice you get. You should’ve asked the other guys reasoning for not mixing esters.

Thanks guys (forum) as usual you have come through again. I did ask the indivudual his reasoning, I even asked him about the other blends of Test ie… Sust. He said that a Doctor told him that mixing these different esters would be much harder on the liver. I even asked him about using cypionate ane enanthate (primoteston) in the same cycle, he said that it shouldn’t be done. Again thanks for your help and comments.