Testosterone Vials and Light Degradation

Testosterone vials are supposed to be protected from light to avoid degradation.

Is it sunlight (with UVs) or any light?

Obviously there will be light when you administer tt, so I was wondering if this is something to be careful about even when you inject (like to not let the vial on outside his storage place too long)?

I would think this is important since my vials are completely transparent.


I don’t think it’s a problem. Just don’t store your meds in direct sunlight. I keep mine in a plastic tool box in the corner of the room. A drawer will be fine too. Degradation takes place over weeks/months not a day or two or the few minutes you have olit out to inject.

Sunlight, Normal artificial light won’t bother anything. On a side note, the test I buy just started coming in brown glass instead of clear.

Thanks for the answers guys.