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Testosterone Vampirellas

It’s articles like this that make me happy to be single and not have my Testosterone being sucked out of me by one of these Testosterone Vampeirellas. God only knows there are plenty of other things trying to suck the Testosterone right out of us (estrogen is everywhere these days!). And if you take a look at my bedroom and notice the scented candles, it’s because I like them dammit!

hell…i like the scented candles too.

WOW! I loved that article. You see, I see men (boys I should say) daily cringe before anything with holes in it, and I’m sick of those ultra-activist feminists battling, beating the dead horse. Women have always controlled us, if not in economic ways, certainly in etiquette. I love women, but damn, there are days when I go to school and I just feel like grabbing my penis and exulting, but a disapproving monster of a hot babe daily scorns my overstated manliness. Damn, where is our freedom? It is a fact that men have greater economic influence than women, but, damn, what good is that if what good is that if we’re beat over the head with the whip of orderliness, sanity, and propriety? But love, or the illusion thereof, love conquers all, and thus we fade into vegetable-equivalents. What do I say? I say if your impulses coarse through you like blood then let them roar and deluge the outer world! The wit of man can only flow if his intuition is let free. TC, I have read all of your stuff, and it just keeps getting more pithy and wonderfully-constructed every time. I love your work; keep writing, friend.

scented candles??! I think the eastrogen had done more damage than u thought!!

Dark Cloud, the scented candles make your place always smell good and the ladies love it when it’s time to come over for a little fun in the sack. Helps set the mood. And certain flavors can affect mood. Although, I’m a berry person. Raspberry, strawberry, mulberry and mixed berry work for me. Can’t go wrong with candles when you want to “romance” the woman.

Hey dont mean to make me sound like the bad ass (actually that is my sole intent) but i went against the norm. I married me a true 100% Pink loving flower motifs loving girlie woman. Since then my testosterone levels where to much for her to battle she is know training with weights and is now looking into competing in POWER LIFTING!!! wow just lay your testosterone on them and eventually they will convert or leave. Good luck!!!

Big Daddy, I think you’re on to something. I’ve noticed that a lot in marriages of friends of mine. Chick who start off hard core fruity, end up taking interest in the guy. But those chicks who are cool with you in the beginning morph into the militant fruit afterwards.

Nate Doggie, be careful, you may get gyno from too much exposure to thoise candles. :slight_smile:

Dammit man! Maybe it’s the candles that have given me a natural case of gyno! Those things are out to get me. Here I am, thinking my room smells good, and at the same time, I have a fatty buildup in my pecs! LOL! I’ll have to be careful…but I guess I should also stop eating apples, meat, milk, using microwaves or plastic, or…well, I guess estrogen is everywhere…hmmm…there is no escaping. Guess I’ll have to just keep training hard and hope my Testosterone levels always stay high. Well, they should be. I’m one of those hairy guys with a deep voice and also losing my hair. Isn’t that a typical sign of extra “T” in the body? LOL!

Hey it can also backfire!! my friend went the same route and has since been seen froliking(if thats how its spelled)With Daisys!!! And i dont mean the flowers!!! It seems His T-rone was not only drained but transformed into estrogen.

LOL! Good one Big Daddy!

OK guys, I have the exact opposite problem. When the Vixen and I first started out many many years ago, I gave her a card…professed my love in it…front and back filled with mushiness, sentimentality, and poetry. She read it…and I…expecting gushing of adoration like most girls do…asked her if she liked it. She replied “Well…it was kind of syrupy and…wordy” So if you get a woman who finds your cards of admiration to be well…syrupy and wordy…after you get over your hurt feelings…MARRY HER…cause you got a 100% T-Vixen. As she always says…if you love me…then SHOW me…and showing her usually involves nekkidness!!! Damn these next four months are gonna suck!!

Best atomic dog in recent memory although its pretty obvious ‘TC’ is acutally a collective of 50 odd writers each refining one brilliant work per year ;). Ive had the same observation as that in the article because most of my serious relationships have been with women who had fathers that had a tendency to give in and cower in the corner every time push came to shove, even when they were right. I have made the decision not to be one of those men but my xs’ experience with male-female relationships did not work to well with my views and “olympia stack steroid like” natural t levels ;). My current theory (admittedly with no proof) is that a proportion of tmen fumbled the ball a ways back (the 60s) and some of us are still having to play catch up. So needless to say, I love reading this stuff. I aint dwelling on it (got the 100 dbs up for 6 bench on even with my recent squat induced ab “pull” giving me the new nickname name hernia boy), but women have had always had their share of E mags - now, finally, there is a tmag :).

Heya Manimals. Scented candles are pretty cool, they mix well with the scent of the puddles of sweat I leave behind me after a workout. How about T-scent candles? Now available in “Iron” “Rubber Grip” “And T-Vixen unwashed thong”. Lata.

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