Testosterone up, Higher Aromatase, Higher Estradiol?

[quote]KSman wrote:
LH and FSH are released in pulses. Lab results are a matter of timing. I would put that concern aside for now.

I have never seen an Estradiol lab range that high. Less that 54 is what we normally see.

With your TT, FT and E numbers you fit the profile of a guy on TRT with high T and E out of control. I think that you should try starting adex at 1mg/week. Have you read about adex over responders?

Adex dosing is easy to manage and you can do a better job than a doc who never does it in his/her practice. You get lab tests for E2 and adjust the dose. You need to get labs from a lab that does not have such a bogus range as they may be producing different results, not just a different lab range.[/quote]

Sorry, I had a typo on the normal lab range for estradiol, it is as you said, <= 54 pg/mL.

I’ve never read about adex (I assume this is the nickname for arimidex?) over responders, where can I read more about that? I honestly don’t even know what the side effects of arimidex are (is it baldness or weak bones or something?)

If I did this, would I go to a local lab somewhere to get my E2 checked, or somewhere else?

You can get labs from LEF.org, cheaper if you join up. These are performed by Labcorp.

Arimidex/anastrozole over responders have E2 tank on normal doses and they feel crappy. They need to take 1/4th - 1/8th of the expected doses.

You can get your E2 dose started by feel then refine with labs.

[quote]Wise Guy wrote:
I would suspect that vegans, by definition, all either do, or eventually will, have low testosterone.

No way around it. [/quote]

Hi wise guy,

Actually my testosterone seems high, but my estrodiol is high as well. Also, I would tell you that I’m a vegetarian, although as of late, I have incorporated eggs into my diet, and I am planning to start eating some fish, and am currently considering even starting to eat some poultry (ie, turkey).

I skimmed a lot of posts and it seems like you or other people are saying to eat coconut, nuts and EVOO to help raise your cholesterol?

These are plant products and while good for you do not raise cholesterol.

What is the breakdown of HDL to LDL?

And the longest living societies have one thing in common, low cholesterol #'s.

What study says cholesterol needs to be at a certain level?

[quote]BillO21 wrote:
What study says cholesterol needs to be at a certain level?[/quote]

Studies that show that “low cholesterol” is associated with increased death from all causes, and the observation that steroid hormone levels decline as well.

Example: My wife took Lipitor and her total cholesterol dropped to 140. She became unwell in many ways. After she stopped the lipitor everything was better again. Her immune system and hormones were messed up. Her sense of well being really tanked. None of that involved a drive by shooting of CoQ10 as she supplemented that.

You cannot live without cholesterol. Of course, there is an optimal level somewhere between too little and too much. Opinions vary. Some say 180 - 200. The statin drug pushers would like to see cholesterol levels really low so folks can die prematurely from things other than strokes and heart attacks. That makes their statics work.