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Testosterone Undecanoate - Nebido

Anyone using Testosterone Undecanoate, marketed under the name Nebido by Bayer?

I have used and prefer Test Cyp but it is not available here so I’m using Sustanon once every two weeks with good, consistent results (once a week resulted in T levels through the roof) but feel it doesn’t have the same libido effect as Test Cyp.

Nebido is supposedly a once in three month dosage which I would like, and actually then cheaper at $100 a dose.

Any thoughts or experiences?

I have been on Nebido since Feb - relatively early days but in general my experience has been good. I have felt better and added some lean muscle (3-4kg) over that period and have increased libido. I am on a 10 week interval and although I do notice a drop off in benefits around week 9, it is pretty quick to come back up.

T has increased about 30% although I have not had blood work for 8 weeks so I imagine it is continuing to rise.

Convenience is benefit.

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What’s your TT FT and E2 levels on Nebdio? As I took it for a while and my body would consume the T in 4 weeks, I had to take a shot every 4-6 weeks, because at week 8 I would have dropped down to total test 300 and free at 11.

TT was 455 at week 12 from a starter point of 340 - no readings since then and no FT test at that point but calculated at about 9 ng/dl

E2 is around 5 - it was less than 4 first time round so has stayed very low.

I appreciate the replies and might give it a go, every two months injecting sounds a lot better than every two weeks.

With my experience of 1ml of test cyp (0.8 a week works best) or weekly usage of Sustanon blowing my levels out of the park (>1500) I might be able to get 9-12 weeks out of this stuff.

Looks like there are a few of us Europeans in here! I have a Nebido script in my pocket but won’t be getting my first injection until Friday.

Been there and done Sustinon. It actually lowered my T rather than raising it, probably because my doctor would only inject every three weeks.

Really hoping that Nebido’s going to do the trick. Perhaps I’ll make a log here. Would be great to hear more people’s experiences with it.

I was disappointed to read on Nebido.com that it apparently takes 3-6 months to see improvements in sexual performance and satisfaction. Anyone know why exactly it takes so long? Potentially half a year after injection to begin to see results is just really surprising to me.

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“I was disappointed to read on Nebido.com that it apparently takes 3-6 months to see improvements in sexual performance and satisfaction.”

Maybe something to do with how slow it actually goes into the blood stream? And being on the pessimistic side so people don’t think it’s an instant cure? I would appreciate your feedback and might adjust my Sustinon/Nebido accordingly.

I felt an improvement in my libido and performance after 4-6 weeks on Nebido, and have continued to feel increases over time, which decline slightly as the cycle works its way out of my system.

Thanks for the insight. Was your first ever blood test at 12 weeks, 2 weeks after your 2nd injection? 455 is not really much higher than 340. I wonder what your levels were at the point when you first definitely experienced improved libido. Is your libido still trending up?

Bloods were taken at 6 weeks post my second shot (which was my 6 week booster shot) - so about 12 weeks in to the programme.

Increase was 33% on pre TRT values, which I felt was a fair increase.

Libido - I have no idea what the value was at the point I began to feel better in this regard but it was after around 6 weeks. Post booster it got better still as I guess levels were peaking.

I would say that it is increasing still but at a slower rate than the outset.

Are you hoping to end up somewhere around 650 or so (i.e., middle of “normal”), or are you satisfied down lower as it seems you currently are?

I ask because 4 years ago when I first visited the doctor for low libido symptoms my TT was 550. As my TT has gone down more and more, so has my libido. So I personally have been anticipating needing something higher to be symptom free…

IMHO, there is no sense going through all this treatment unless your TT and FT are going to be very high normal.

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My intention is to get as high as I can on this treatment plan and then consider what other options may be available depending on the ceiling I reach. I am by no means happy with low levels, but as I explained in my previous post, I don’t believe a 33% increase in 12 weeks on TRT is a bad result so far.

I think that results are very individual and are impacted by many variables - a fixed value will not necessarily yield a fixed result.

Some relief is better than none and many in EU don’t have legal access to anything but nebido and sustanon unfortunately.

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