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Testosterone Undecanoate Injections - Nebido - Pros & Cons?

Sooo I’m seeing an NHS endocrinologist on Wednesday, to no doubt move from Testogel to injections.

In my city/area, the options are Sustanon or testosterone undecanoate (Nebido) - and they tend to favour the undecanoate…

What are the pros & cons please of testosterone undecanoate injections every 10 to 12 weeks?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Nebido is garbage, the slow acting esters don’t work out well for everyone like a guy who metabolizes testosterone fast. They like it because it’s cheap and they can charge an arm and a leg for admitting it, you must not forget these doctors are in this for the money. It’s a business and businesses job to bring profit even if the treatment is less effective.

My point is your doctor wouldn’t lose any sleep is you died tomorrow.

Actually you options are Test Ethanate and Sustanon, your doctor just doesn’t know it. Injecting Ethanate every 3.5 days is ideal.

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One of my opinions about Nebido is it’s a way to patent & therefore profit from testosterone… the same way Testogel & the other gels is a way to patent testosterone :slight_smile:

I would be open to give Nebido a go, but my main concern is 4 ml of oil being injected into my glute muscle - that sounds like it’ll cause a lot of scar tissue over time. Is that correct?


It will be difficult to prevent the high and low levels you will get injecting so infrequent. You will start out high and be low as the shot wears off. This is the reason why we inject so frequently.

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I’ve been on Nebido for a while. Initial injection, 8 weeks next injection then one more at 12 weeks. I can tell no difference to Sustanon as far as my energy level and sex drive are concerned. My energy levels are consistent as well, no roller coaster at all which was what I was afraid of when I started this. I take a daily dose of clomid to manage my E.

My favorite is Test Cyp but it is simply not available here and Sustanon sometimes is in short supply. I really like the part about 12 weeks between injections much better than the twice a week injections I was doing for Test Cyp or the every one/two weeks of Sustanon. As long as it is working for me I’ll stay with it.

Then perhaps you have low thyroid function, very common in Europe, so to is it common doctors fail at thyroid matters. Those with low thyroid function will notice no improvement in symptoms when on TRT.

It’s going to take a minimum of 6 months to notice much of anything, Nebido is very slow acting. Perfect for old men and is why results are so negative in younger men. Can you get ethanate or Sustanon? You can request it from your doctor, don’t take the word if doctor says Nebido is all there is.

I’m also in the UK and also kind of dealing with the same thing. Though my doc prescribed me Sustanon which is actually dirt cheap. The enanthate is £18 for 1ml and Sustanon £3 per ml. So unless you are paying for your own meds your doc will most likely choose the cheapest option as the NHS is skint!

I’ve been in the Sustanon for over 5 months now, doing bloods and adjusting dose very 5-6 weeks and still feel shite. I feel nothing positive at all to be honest. Less energy than before TRT and a head that is still unable to function properly. Very frustrating.

I think the reason why TRT is not working for me is because of adrenal and thyroid issues.


@mrmeeseeks - What I would do if I were starting from scratch. I would insist on having testosterone enanthate rather than one of the other slow acting esters. That way you can make changes to your dose quicker. Seems harder to get dialled with the Sustanon. I regret not doing that now.

Hi there, im new to the site. I live in Colombia for most of the year and have a choice of Nebido or Testoviron. Back in the UK i was given Testogel for low T. I can buy these OTC and will be self medicating.

Once I know what bloodwork to have I’ll get it done.

I’m also looking at hitting the gym again so would like to know your guys thoughts on which T, what doseage and how often?

I’m a 49 year old type 3c diabetic (last 9 years) on insulin.

In Colombia I can also OTC, access Aromasin and Genetropin.

Money isnt the issue but the Nebido is 2X the price of the Testoviron and 40% the price of the HGH.

Over my more youthful years and mainly for sport and sporting injuries i’ve dabbled with both AS and HGH (I couldnt reccomend HGH any higher, 23 years of Rugby and my knees, hips etc… are like I’m 18 years old)

Go with Testoviron, it’s half life is 10.5 days very similar to cypionate, Nebido ester is slow acting and most men don’t feel well on it. It has the hormone profile of an old man, that’s where it’s use would benefit the most. Younger men need more testosterone and is why I believe most younger men don’t do well on it.

You should pick a dosage and injection frequency that agrees with your SHBG, midrange two injections weekly, lower than 20 injections EOD, lower than 14 everyday.

OK thanks. I was intending to take a full Testoviron shot every 3 days for a cycle. And wondered if taking a full Nebido every 10 days would be a better option, I’d be getting roughly 3g of T a month either way. I’m going to be on T for the rest of my life. Also at the age of 49 is Aromasin necessary?

Hey, Can you tell me a loading and maintenance schedule for Nebido? I usually blast and cruise my test from 200mg/wk to 500mg/wk, but I’m thinking of just using Nebido and staying around the 200mg/wk mark. I read a post of yours and that it works for you, not sure if this is still how you feel. Thanks, Jim