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Testosterone Undecanoate / Andriol

I’d be grateful if any of the T-mag readers could let me know about their personal experiances with andriol/testosterone undecanoate. I was thinking of doing a 3 week cycle – 6/40mg tabs/day for 2 weeks, and 4 tabs for the last week. What are the chances of getting gyno with this stuff?

Tried it once, wasn’t impressed with results, took a softgel every 3 hours. Probably get as good if not better results with Biotest’s Androsol. If you have access to it try reforvit, cheaper and get much better results.

The most I can say about it is that it’s expensive. In theory it’s not supposed to aromatize, but–and I used as many as 10 a day–it didn’t do much of anything else either. I think Androsol would certainly be more cost effective, both in terms of cost and in terms of effective. Also, a shot of Sustanon would be much cheaper, and a shot of Sustanon doesn’t cost what it used to either.

The bioavailability of the Andriol is very low, and the dose you are saying, 240 mg/day, is comparable to say 100 mg/week of injectable testosterone. In other words, expect very little… it is an effective means of T replacement therapy for those with low testosterone, but is not an effective means of achieving supraphysiological levels for bodybuilding or performance-enhancement purposes.