Testosterone Undecanoate 500mg Cycle

I was considering switching from 500mg of sustanon a week to a single injection of Testosterone undecanoate 1000mg ( Reandron 1000) every two weeks. My understanding was that since my total test levels are already around 4000 i shouldn’t have to wait for the ester to build up and raise my levels and this would reduce my injection frequency to 1/4 of what it currently is. Also i was under the impression it did not matter what ester was being used as long as the dosage remained the same.

I know Reandron 1000 is only used for trt so my question is would there be any difference in muscular gain using this ester vs the sustanon 250 blend i currently run given my test levels are stable? Pct is not an issue as this is my current trt dosage ( I know this a very excessive for a trt dose but my blood work is perfect and i dont need to run a ai as well as having monthly bloodwork done so i am trying to be as safe as possible despite a mild cycle level trt dose ) I am also currently taking 2000ui of hcg a week if this is relevant.

I understand why someone would not start a cycle on undecanoate due to the half life and later pct issues but once your levels are stable it shouldn’t matter what compound maintains them or is undecanoate inherently less anabolic compared to the shorter acting esters even if free and total test levels remain constant? Thanks for any input as i cant find much information on undecanoate. This change would also save me over $100 a week as i get my test from a doctor.

I would still inject at least once a week with it. It will not feel the same as Sustanon, but you may enjoy it.

Do you mean run 1g of test a week or a 500mg shot every week? I’ve only ever ran sust do the different esters feel quite different to each over?w

500 a week. I think you will “feel” the undecanoate less, Sustanon gives you a little boost from the short esters that you won’t get with the really long one.

Undecanoate has a HL of 14-30 days (depending on type of oil it’s suspended in according to literature). Shots e2w will provide extremely stable blood concentrations. Op will eventually feel test U, however it’ll take a month or so to build up to supraphysiologic concentrations and 3-6 months to reach peak concentration.

500mg test long term isn’t a smart idea unless you’ve got PAIS (partial androgen insensitivity syndrome), aplastic anaemia/fanconi anaemia/various haematological malignancies, AIDS or some other form of progressive wasting disease that is responsive to androgens (say certain types of cancer as an example). While there’s certainly riskier things that you could be doing, the long term effects of such a dose of testosterone are largely unknown, it is highly likely some level of detriment will be inflicted upon you’re cardiovascular system many years down the line.

Fully agree with then potential for negitive effects down the road and how long it will take to reach supaphysiological concentrations. Since my levels are already quite supaphysiological from the 20 weeks for sustanon do you think the long half life will still be an issue?

yea somewhat, it’s like saying, if I use test prop for 2 weeks then initiate test E at 500mg/wk starting week 3 will my levels dip. Yes… they will, somewhat.

I highly doubt you’ll notice much of a difference though

Cool thanks for the advice

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