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Testosterone Troche

Hi Guys,

A friend of mine has been able to get his hands on “Testosterone Troche”. They are little 100mg cubes that you insert between your cheek and your gum. He is planning on taking half a cube everyday for 8 weeks, which works out to be 50mg/day, or 350mg/week.

My question is, what is the difference between say injecting 350mg of test enanthate, and doing the above. My friend was advised that taking the troches is a great way to keep you test levels stable throughout cycle.

I’ve tried searching around on the net for more info, but the only info i can find is related to troches and HRT, and not bodybuilding.

Can anyone shed more light on this with respect to bodybuilding?


becasue they are for HRT…you will never reach a concentration high enough to be effective for bodybuilding purposes.

If 10% is absorbed, that will be 10mg per day delivered to serum. That is ablut what a young man makes in a day. The only result will be that the HPTA will shut down and probably not feeling as well.

You cannot simply take a small amount of T.

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