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Testosterone Trivia, Round One!


T-Mag Trivia Game, Round One!

I thought a little T-Mag Trivia might be fun, given that I am a) Incredibly Bored and b) Amazed at the depth of info available on this site.

So, I give you T-Mag Trivia, the hottest game since Chutes and Ladders.


Alright, following are 15 questions taken from the annals of Testosterone Magazine (not from the anals, that is a different quiz)

First and foremost, I have no prize to offer, since I am poor. You will have to settle for the people's fame and ovation forever.

Second, no cheating! On your T-Honor, you must not look back for the answers, or look to other sources. The questions range from easy to obscure, I've tried to include a good mix. The answers have to come from your cranium.

Third, do NOT answer the questions in this thread. What you do is PM me your answers, then respond in the thread saying "I'm in" or "Andy, you are one sexxy man, grr" or something like that.

The quiz ends on Sunday evening, I will tally the results and post the winners and answers to the questions.

Have Fun!

1) What is the common name for this complex, developed by Coach Davies: Power Clean-Front Squat-Push Press-Squat-Push Press?

2) According to Don Alessi, the unique hierarchy of fat mobilization in men is:

a. Abdomen - Trunk - Legs - Arms
b. Trunk - Abdomen - Arms - Legs
c. Abdomen - Trunk - Arms - Legs
d. Legs - Arms - Trunk - Abdomen

3) Speaking of which, Meltdown Training is also known as _______ ________ interval training (fill in the blank)

4) According to John Beradi, what does TEF stand for?

5) What is also known as "muscle energy", a substance one should restore as quickly as possible post-workout?

  1. Name three of the four major abdominal muscles (the Latin names). Hint: Two inner muscle groups, two outer.

  2. What word is defined as "A nontumorous enlargement of an organ or a tissue as a result of an increase in the size rather than the number of constituent cells" as in muscle ________.

  3. What is the name of Louie Simmons famous powerlifting gym?

  4. According to Christian Thibaudeau, what is the ideal running distance for Energy System Work?

  5. According to Charles Poliquin, the use of maximal weights targets this, the "forgotten component of bodybuilding?"

  6. Again, according to Poliquin, the 5% solution refers to what? What is the significance of 5%?

  7. DHEA is an endogenous steroid, meaning what?

  8. What is the really really good acid your body receives from consuming flax seeds or flax seed oil?

  9. According to Chad Waterbury, what type of training can increase capillary density, aiding in nutrition exchange within muscles?

  10. What type ("oxidative capacities") of muscle fibers respond best to heavy, low rep training, according to Christian Thibaudeau?


Let's make this interesting. The winner gets a free bottle of 4-ad-ec and some other goodies, courtesy of Joel Marion. I'll let Rumbach take care of everything and when he informs me who the winner is, I'll ship the stuff out to them.

I guess the best way to do this would be to give the prize to:

  1. The person who answers the most questions correctly if no one answers all correct.

  2. Someone who answers all questions correctly. There will only be one winner, so if a number of people answer all questions correctly, we'll select one of those individuals at random.

Good luck!



I wanna play... with Andy! He's a sexy piece of meat.

But, Joel, I want an exclusive one-on-one session from you rather than a bottle of T. We could enhance each others T levels much more effectively!!

Okay, I'm being silly now. But that's what happens when you sit at your computer all day writing. Your mind starts thinking crazy things.....

I'm in. Cassie


If a female wins, I'll change it to a bottle of Methoxy.



Wow, Joel, that is incredible. Good thing I put a question or two from you articles up there!



EC and Cass have entered, trying to win the "hottest respondent couple" award.

I hereby call BigConan and Trish to compete for this title as well.

One note - I will consult some of the experts roun' here on some questions, as there are some that have multiple acceptable answers. I'll try to make sure to be accurate on what is correct/not correct, because I'm sure I don't know as much as some of you who are sending me replies.

Also, if you send me answers, please also say something in this thread, to keep it bumped up a little bit!


  1. Westside Barbell. The rest is just useless details. haha


Nice! As long as Denise Austin and Richard Simmons don't enter, I think it's in the bag.


Ah..I'm gonna try this, but not until I'm properly liquered up first.

Wait....breakin' out the beer.......


I'm in.


Do we all get a girl since Joel gets one?


I'm in. I hope I don't win. There's gotta be many of you that know more answers than me!

Who the hell is this Andy?


Doc: No.


Not even if I start calling myself "Tha Doc"?


I'm in, biznatch...err, um. Andy, you are one sexy man, grr.

I have to go take a shower now. I feel dirty.


That will increase your chances by 1%; however, given your pitifully low starting point, the answer remains "no."


... and I'm in. Trivia is where it's at. My girlfriend laughed at me today when I started talking shit to the people playing Jeopardy on TV.

Those foo's never knew what hit 'em.



Alright, I have about 15 people entered, keep em' coming and win that Joel Marion stamp of approval.

A couple notes:

Question 12 is not asking what DHEA is an acronym for, but rather what an endogenous steroid is.

Also, on question 15, please give the type name, not just the classification of that type.



Well, Goldberg is in last with a defiant score of " 1 ". Not too much worse than some other people, haha.

I'll post the answer key after all is said and done, on Sunday.


"Well, Goldberg is in last with a defiant score of " 1 ". Not too much worse than some other people, haha. "

Haha, sorta reminds me a bit of those Celebrity Jeopardy SNL skits with Sean Connery.

Trebek: This is the sound that a dog makes.

Connery: Moo?

Trebek: No.

Connery: Ohh, well thats the sound your mother made last night!

Trebek: Listen, we would've accepted woof, bow-wow, or ruff...

Connery: Ahhh, rough, just the way your mother likes it, Trebek.