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Testosterone Trivia, Round 2!

T-Mag Trivia Round 2!

Back with another exciting round of Testosterone Trivia, this one a bit shorter and a bit harder.

And, don’t look now, but you might just win a copy of “wonder butt!”


Alright, following are 10 questions taken from the annals of Testosterone Magazine (not from the anals, that is a different quiz)

First, no cheating! On your T-Honor, you must not look back for the answers, or look to other sources. The questions range from easy to obscure, I’ve tried to include a good mix. The answers have to come from your cranium.

Second, do NOT answer the questions in this thread. What you do is PM me your answers, then respond in the thread saying “I’m in” or “Andy, you make me scintillate” or something like that.

The quiz ends on Monday evening, I will tally the results and post the winners and answers to the questions.

For Round 2, forum superstar Patricia has offered up the following prizes:

For first place, she is giving a SIGNED copy of Wonder Woman #194, which she was the model for.

For second place, and please, don’t get so excited you pee on yourself, Patricia is offering a 4x6" copy of a print of the “Wonder Butt.” I personally have no idea what this is, but I peed myself when I heard about it anyhow.

Okay, so have fun, pay attention to the rules, and these fabulous prizes might be yours!

  1. Define “knurling”

  2. In the 100/100 program, what two exercises are prescribed?

  3. In “Steroids for Dummies”, what does the acronym AR stand for?

  4. Is the “lengthening of the muscle” eccentric or concentric?

  5. According to John Berardi, what type of protein is best suited for post-workout consumption, and happens to be the primary protein found in Surge?

  6. What is the name of the program that combines stength, hypertrophy, and endurance minded lifting into the same 5 day split?

  7. What is the 1-6 principle, discussed by Poliquin?

  8. According to Berardi, different foods, based on their digestibility, micronutrient composition, protein content, and a number of other factors, can lead to marked fluctuations in the _____-base status of the body. (fill in the blank)

  9. ___________ strength involves holding a weight in a certain position of an exercise for a set amount of time, according to Mike Mahler.

  10. According to Don Alessi, the presence of narrow shoulder span and smaller pecs classifies a person as what type of frame?


I’m in! Thanks for the fun Rumbach!




Are the Round 1 winners eligible to win?

What the hell… I’m in

Let’s say the round one winners are not eligible to win, I think that might give more people a shot.

But, feel free to send me answers!

Bump for the morning!


I’m in. If we win, can we default to the second place prize? Just kidding. I’ve already taken that image and posterized it.

I’m in.


you know I am game.

Andy…“you are so money, and you dont even know it.” Well, I’m sure you do…so nevermind.

I’ll play this time.

I’m in you scintillating mofo

Wouldn’t it be nice if TC or Patterson threw something in, like a t-shirt or supp of some kind? That would be really, really cool.

i’m in

I am in

Bump for the weekend people


Define “knurling” <<

Sissy sport played by Canadians on ice with brooms…