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Testosterone Treated like Poison

My body seems to behave very strangely to testosterone - natural levels are low ~350 high free and low shbg.

I can feel the surge within a few hours of a shot but it’s almost as if my body treats it like a position and removes it from my system ASAP. I’ve tried subq as although it does seem to help with keeping stable blood levels and no ups/downs - it felt like e2 dropped really low and made me feel tired, no motivation etc.

Is it possible some people’s bodys can develop this “defence” towards exogenous test and through which mechanism… raising e2, shbg locking up the free test… anyone else had experience with this?

Low SHBG men excrete testosterone into their urine quickly, injecting more frequent can keep levels stable. If you were to measure blood testosterone and compare it with testosterone in the urine, urine testosterone would be way higher.

Also when you first start TRT the first several weeks your testosterone and estrogen will fluctuate wildly and as you inch closer to 6 weeks, you will feel more consistent if you are injecting frequently enough. Otherwise the swings will continue.

So when you first start TRT imagine your testosterone and estrogen are riding on a rollercoaster with sharp peaks and valleys, I think of the dragon swing ride, as you get closer to 6 weeks the ride starts to calm down and the swinging stops.

Whether you have high or low SHBG, everyone feels as you describe in the beginning or when when increasing or decreasing the dosage or going from twice weekly to an EOD protocol. In my experience going from an EOD to an every day protocol is worse as the doses are smaller, therefore testosterone and estrogen lower for the first few weeks as you wait for the half life to build up in your system.

What is your SHBG level?

Thank you for the detailed response

SHBG 20nmol/L on 13-89

Should I stick with subq? I did notice better stability with subq although it started to feel as if its dropping e2 too much that’s why I switched back to IM and that’s when I started feeling the rollercoaster

I’m currently doing 62.5mg E3D morning

Mine is 16-18 nmol/L and twice weekly I responded to TRT weakly, not much happened. Everytime I move injections closer together, I respond more strongly to TRT. My muscles develop more moving injections closer together.

So twice weekly to EOD brought about harder muscles and more erections but still not quite 100%, 3 weeks ago I started an everyday protocol and after only two days erections were just insanely active, however the dosage may have been too low and am going to restart an everyday protocol in a week.

Your call on SQ vs IM, it’s going to be different for everyone. I tried SQ and it felt like the entire shot converted straight over to estrogen, I couldn’t form speech I was so brain fogged which is something that happens when I have too much estrogen.

If SQ got your levels higher than you switched to IM, what happened is your levels dropped and your stable plasma levels of testosterone was upset, it’s no different than increasing or decreasing the dosage.

You change the dosage and swings begin again for 6 weeks, consistency keeps you stabilised.

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WOW - that hit home right there BIG TIME (couldn’t form speech and brain fog) this is insane! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why this was happening in the past few weeks… I thought it might be too low e2 because Dr. Chrisler says subq drops e2 and ppl even come off their AI because of it - I guess this isn’t the case, i knew it couldn’t make sense because aromatase in IN the fat so how could you get less e2 when you’re injecting right into aromatase territory!

You have no idea how much you’ve helped right now… I’m in uni during exam period and stressing the f out why my brain suddenly crashed! Thank you man

I’m going to stay on IM and try EOD

Glad I could help!

Sometime SQ increases estrogen in some men, lowers in others. Just lower your dosage 20% when moving to smaller more frequent injections because you testosterone will spend less time falling.

When I went from 50mg twice weekly (677 Total T) to 25mg EOD on the same 100mg weekly dosage, levels shot up to 1000 Total T. That’s because my testosterone had an extra 1.5 days longer to drop before my next injection on the twice weekly protocol.

You can achieve higher levels on less testosterone injecting more frequently.

Will do - I’ll go down to 25mg EOD IM for now and adjust accordingly, and hopefuly the brain fog thing clears soon. It caught me so off guard felt like I took a hit of Alzheimer’s! Forming sentences and proper speech felt impossible, I knew what I wanted to say but it just wouldn’t flow properly during conversation. Felt like a deer in headlights, couldnt focus on the task at hand for the life of me and some super restless leg syndrome kicked into high gear.

Thanks again!

So this is getting really strange… I spent today in a haze of brain fog, could not focus on any task at hand, constant state of rumination and scattered thoughts. When I tried to focus on the task at hand like reading, I read the words but it’s like the words have no meaning and after reading something it doesn’t register in my mind what I just read… on top of that having conversations feels odd, in the middle of conversation I lose my train of thought and the right words just don’t line up properly to say.

I have some DIM and adex on the way, in the meanwhile I do have pregnenalone on hand among other vitamins/minerals/adaptogens… is this really all just high e2?

I can’t speak with 100% certainty on the exact cause of all your symptoms man (though it sounds like E2 according to what I’ve read here), but I can say this…

According to your last post, you decided to change protocols yesterday. If that’s true, I can guarantee you that it’s going to take more than a day to see any changes.

The brain fog has been awhile - for few weeks now and the other things have increased along the way like rumination, lack of sleep quality and increase in OCD symptoms. Usually test gets rid of my OCD I think something to do with raising serotonin levels. But now I have an increase in rls, rumination and ocd - the first week of trt I felt excellent all the benefits of high test within hours of first shot then all downhill from there - hence why I felt like my body is treating it like a poison… couple hours after a shot feel great for an hour or so then crash - each time this happens… I guess I’ll have to do more testing to see if SHBG is locking them up or body is trying to compensate the high exo test by making more e2.

You are not feeling effects of testoesteone on your first week of trt. You are not feeling effects of testoesteone hours after your shot. It doesn’t work like that. After weeks you will notice. It’s likely either placebo or adrenalin. Be patient.

I understand all that I’ve used T enough over the years to know when it’s working and when it’s not. Plus some people are just a lot more sensitive to changes however minor. Added DIM at 200mg for the past couple days and zinc and feeling better… I can tell by morning wood and anxiety levels that e2 is stabilizing plus losing water puffy look around chest and face. Hopefuly DIM works on its own and won’t need to play around with AI.