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Testosterone/training music

For a kick ass pretraining tune, “Perfect Strangers” by Deep Purple. For during training how bout Godsmack, Tallica, Pantera, and/or Rage Against the Machine. Or old school Van Halen, Sab, or Scorpions .

My Personal Favorites:
IN ROCK…Slipknot,Korn,Tool,Metalica,Deftones,White Zombie,Rage,Green day(old school stuff),Limp,Pantara,Orgy,NIN(Downward Spiral),Smashing Pumpkins(old school stuff),and then some.
IN TRANCE…Webster Hall(Trans World,1,2,and,3),Chemical Brothers,CD’s by D.J Shasha,Parisite Eve(video game music CD)a must buy CD.It’s AWESOME!,Club EXIT CD’s,Prodigy,Wipeout XL(Video game music CD),and then some…

I agree with many of the choices on this topic. I don’t
listen to this type of music a lot of the time, but I do
listen when I train. Since I started this thread, I’ll at
least list my top liftin’ tunes:

1. Pantera: “Vulger Display Of Power”

2. Rage Against The Machine: “Freedom”

3. Metallica: “And Justice For All”

4. Rollins Band: “Get Some Go Again” or “Weight”

5. Rush: any of their more rockin music. (eg Free Will,
Tom Sawyer, etc.) I know Rush isn’t heavy, but I still find
their skillfully played music and intelligent lyrics to be

I definitely notice an increase in my strength and endurance when I lift while listening to these. Maybe due to the extra adrenaline from the music? Any thoughts on what might cause this increase in intensity from music?

Seems like some of you guys are into the 80’s power/speed,thrash metal era. here’s an oldy but a goody.
manowars hail to england.
anything from slayer,voivod,c.o.c, 1st.death angel and celtic frost will do the trick.
and for all you pantera fans, walk is a very cool song and the stuff from the new cd sounds good, but check out some of their early albums. they were a bunch of glam queens.

For music you cannot beat:
Also throw in CCR, Rob Zombie, Def Leppard, and any other great ROCK Band.(i.e., no crap, I mean rap, or country, or POP).

If Slipknot is the heaviest you’ve heard…man…
Workout music is the hardest, heaviest, nastiest music you can find…my tapes are a conglomeration of Nile, Mortician, Slayer, Pantera, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse…eventually, it’s just a patina of anger against which you squat till your eyes bleed…mmmmmmmm…squats…