Testosterone/training music

Several weeks ago TC indicated in the reader mail section
of T-mag that there was a lot of feedback on the topic
of music to listen to while training/testosterone music. On
this topic, I have to say that lately I really like the
new Rollins Band release: “Get Some Go Again.” I haven’t
heard anything that rocks this hard in a long time. The
title track is talkin bout exactly what you think it is.
There is one song that sounds quite like Motorhead style
music. They do a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Are You Ready”
that absoultly rips. And there is a song called “Thinking
Cap” which, although I don’t necesarly agree with the
lyrics, the music rocks at an absolutely blistering pace.
There’s a lot of good stuff on this, including a really
funny hidden track called “LA Money Train.” I don’t really
have too much more input on this topic, but I figured I
would start the thread, since so many of you seemed to
have an interest in this.

I listen to Slipknot, the Spawn soundtrack, Metallica and Slayer. Slipknot is the heaviest I’ve ever heard.

My favorite would be Metallica’s No Leaf Clover. It really gets my adrenaline going. I’m finding lately that some rap thrown in the mix on my mini cd works just as well.

i love More Human by White Zombie…now thats a hardcore song and the chick moaning in the beginning doenst draw complaints from me either

He is my example of a scientific music blend that can get the most out of your set of any high intensity exercice. Let’s pretend you are doing a squat set for 60 seconds. First, listen to the song “Roots Bloody Roots” from Sepultura, and start the set when Max Cavallera starts to shout his lungs out (sing). After 30 seconds, switch to Slayer’s “Necrophobic” for the next 20 seconds (any part of the song except the slow end), and finish the set with Cryptopsy’s “Emaciate” (any part of the song). With this double blind, peer reviewed blend of music, I guarantee a rise in testosterone by at least 100%. So make yourself a mix of this at home and try it in the gym.

For an ambiant music between the set, I strongly recommend bands like Germany’s Rammstein, or Norway’s Kovenant. And for the post workout goodie, Andrew Dice Clay’s last CD “Filth” is the way to go for a fast and funny recovery.

I find that the new Rancid is great. Very hard and intense.

The new Rollins Band is amazing. I have a mix tape I’ve been going with for the last two months of Rollins, Motorhead, Metallica, and a little Black Sabath and GNR.

I am HUGE Metallica fan and highly recommend Damage Inc. as my favorite lifting song. We used it for warm up when I played hockey and it shook the arena. If any of you guys dont think the music you are listening is fast enough there is another group called Razed In Black. Among their industrial hits you will find an AWESOME cover of Damage Inc., and great lifting songs likes Power (velcity mix) and Forlorn. Another group I highly recommend is Front Line Assembly … perhaps their best songs (imo) are Colombian Necktie, Liquid Separation, Millenium and Plasticity.
Try some of these and I am sure you will not regret it.

I can’t believe no one brought it up yet, but I’d have to say Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power would have to be one of the best albums for getting pumped for lifting. Fucking Hostile is one of my personal favorites.

i have to say sevendust(their first album), slipknot, staind and throw in a little cannibal corpse for good measure

glad to see multiple slipknot votes. I am dissapointed that nobody said stinkfist by Tool. That song rips shit up

why is it that most guys who lift listen to hard rock or heavy metal?? oh well, to each his own…anyway, i know i’m going to hear it for this, but my workout intensity shoots way up when i’m pumping some hard trance and techno through my headphones.

Pantera Vulgar display of power is a very good choice indeed!

I love “come in and burn” by the rollins band. lately, i’ve been listening to massive attack’s “Mezzanine” It’s slow, but it has an intense backbeat that is just about right to set a lifting rhythm to. it also helps me concentrate more on rest counts, and so on, while heavier stuff can distract me sometimes.

No votes for the old Limp Bizkit CD, 3 Dollar Bill, Y’all! ?

Papa Roach! The whole albam kicks ass. It is for sure to raise your T-level a few noches.

Personally, I like more of the violent industrial stuff. For exampe, Circle of Dust and Argyle Park may not be well-known, but they’re worth hunting for. Skinny Puppy’s “Rodent” improves my bench by 5-10% by itself. Rammstein is a horrid band but they work well along with lifting. And Rage Against the Machine will not only power your workout, but educate you in the process.

Barbara Streisand’s “The way we were”…uhmmmm…damn…my girlfriend switched our protein containers again…soy on the left, whey on the right.

Ah yes, the one topic i love more than lifting…

i agree with everyone who commented about rollins. i think
“weight” is excellent, along with the new one. something was lacking with come in and burn.

for just pure agression, my votes are the following…
At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul
In Flames - pretty much any one
S.O.D. - SPEAK ENGLISH OR DIE!!! (it’s a tongue in cheek band, don’t get offended) or their newest one Bigger than the Devil. Billy Milano is one pissed off mother.
Anthrax - sound of white noise or stomp 442
Killing Culture - self titled…one pissed off band

Thats a very short list, of course if your into grind metal the entire genre bounds with some the most pissed off music you’ve heard. Definatly will give you some inspiration to lift a little extra weight if your into the music.

Slipknot the heaviest band? sure unless you count any real metal band out there!

Cold: Dude, I gotta agree. Vulgar Display of Power truly is THE can of Ultimate Orange on planet Earth. The album of choice of many hardcore lifters and football players.

Another good one, if you’re gonna endure long bout of squat hell, is Emperor’s (I AM THE EMPEROR!!!) “Anthems at Welking Dusk.” It’ll bring out the Viking in ya!

I sometimes use dance music, like hard trance or gabba/digital hardcore. Atari Teenage Riot is perfect for German Volume Training heh heh . . .

Suprisingly, teeny bopper music isn’t bad. The gym’s playing “I Want It That Way” and you’re looking at a fitness bunnies’s shiny booty and . . . .