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Testosterone Too High?

Can you have too much testosterone? I’ve been doing hormone replacement for 16 weeks now…with the last 3 weeks being great. But lately, nervousness and anxiety are coming back and I’m having a hard time staying mentally focused. Physically I feel great.

My routine is:
1 ml injection of 200mg/ml cypionate once a week
1/2 mg of arimidex EOD
1/2 ml injection of HCG EOD

My latest bloodwork was taken an hour before my weekly cypionate injection:
Serum Test: 1046 ng/dl (200-1000 ng/dl)
Free Test: 35 pg/ml (19-26 pg/ml)
Serum Estrogen: 2 ng/dl (.5-5.0 ng/dl)

Six weeks earlier my Serum Test was 1450 ng/dl mid cycle.

I do notice that at the end of the cycle I feel more relaxed.

I should note that I had significant varicoceles removed three months ago. Maybe my own T is rising as my body is healing? I appreciate any input.

That seems like a lot of everything you are taking. You’re doing enough HCG for mono therapy. What type of Estrogen test was that? Total estrogens? The range doesn’t look familiar for an E2. If you want to take that much T your Adex dosage is probably correct. When were the labs taken? I’m suprised your total T number isn’t higher with that much T and HCG.

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To convert ng to pg: (ng)*1000 =pg
To convert dl to ml: (dl)*10 =ml

This is a general chemistry conversion, and is not necessarily accurate due to the un-calculated molecular weight of Estradiol.

2000/50= 40 pg/ml E2. (approximately)
E2 looks a little high actually, and I wonder what your SHBG is right now.

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Hey Chush,
Too high for whom? So he’s probably 1500 -1700 mid week fairly “typical” for a 200mg/week dosage. Some guys are calm and focused and just “happy” at higher T levels. Some guys have problems too.
Eggman: I don’t really understand your use of the word “cycle”, would you please expound?

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Everyone, thanks for the input.

KNB, I use the word “cycle” to describe my weekly testosterone injection. I’m not a weight lifter…but I do run and swim regularly. I have been really impressed with hormone replacement therapy. I’m losing weight around my waist that I’ve never been able to shed. I’m 5’-7", 192 pounds, 15% body fat.

As I said in my intial post, I felt mentally great for three weeks. During that period I was transitioning from 1mg Arimidex ED to 1/2mg EOD. Maybe the E2 is the culprit.

Thanks again.

Maybe split the 200 into 2 injections if 200mg is where he wants to stay??


I don’t understand how you got 2000/50 ng/dl = 40 pg/ml. Where did the “50” come from?

40 pg/ml is high. Should I increase my Arimidex to 1/2 mg ED?

I need to fix my math, I goofed the equation.
I’ll fix it later tonight.


That’s what I get for thinking…
2 ng/dl converts to 20 pg/ml, which changes the range from 5.0-50.
Sorry for the confusion…

An E2 of 20 doesn’t seem excessive, but HCG stimulates the testes to produce aromitase as well as Testosterone, so it’s kinda tricky with the adex dosage.

What would normally be considered a “high” dosage of adex when using Testosterone by itself has the habit of not being near enough when HCG is added.

That said; 90% of us men have a predictable dosage “reaction” to adex, and the other 10% either under respond, or over respond.

Eggman: what is the dosage of HCG you are taking EOD? I still don’t see it.
The higher my T dosage, the calmer and more focused I get. I never get “short tempered” with people, I do get bothered more easily about human rights issues than normal, but never aggressively…


HCG: 500 units EOD. My wife and I want more children. My urologist is making sure my testicles continue produce sperm.

E2 of 20 pg/ml is exactly where I wanted to be.

These last couple of days have been better. I’ve had low testosterone for at least 6 years. Sometimes I think my body and mind are healing due to the added testosterone.

Before I started replacement therapy, my serum testosterone was 276 and free testosterone was 9. Same units and ranges noted above. I’ve read that it can take 6 to 12 months before your body is completely healed from extended low testosterone.

Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome. Not only do I believe you are having positive effects from higher Testosterone, but it’s likely you are noticing the effects of lower circulating Estrogen and the reduction in your receptor sites as well. For some of us (me and some others) even though the b/w numbers of E2 had lowered, it still took time to feel “normal” again.
Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery.

Glad your feeling better.