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Testosterone to DHT/Estrogen levels

I am thinking about the article “andro Wars” which prescribes stacking with ZMA, Tribex-500, and then Andro. I am going to test my levels for Testost., DHT, Estrogen, and DHEA. If I reach T levels of 1200, what are the “UNSAFE” levels for DHT and Estrogen? Does anyone know these blood or saliva numbers that are good and then “unsafe”?

DHT levels are not ordinarily measured.

DHEA, at least over a short period, has been
shown safe at 1600 mg/day orally so toxicity
is probably not an issue, but neither is
there any benefit to more than 50 mg/day.

The normal range, all of which is safe, for
estrogen will be given as part of the test
results. The numbers will vary according to
the units used and the method used.

Ibn Response to Bill’s comments… DHT levels aren’t normally measured because most people are unsure of the effects or aren’t smart enough to check rising levels… I appreciate your imput, however, after speaking with a doctor today, he mentioned any pro-hormone supplementation should be monitored carefully with DHT, ESTRODIAL, and of course Tlevels…
Can anyone else help?